1.sonicsquid said on 5/10/16 - 12:49PM

edmonds is closed. don't go there.

2.crawdad said on 5/21/16 - 09:44AM

Waterman peir in port orchard had its grand opening 20th may 2016, but they have not turned on the lights yet for squidding

3.MUFASA said on 5/30/16 - 01:10AM

Edmonds is closed until June, but June when? And when does squid usually start appearing around Edmonds

4.sonicsquid said on 6/7/16 - 02:09PM

edmonds pier's construction will continue on to late july according to the planner. they "found additonal damage" to the pier. the squid usually comes in during fall to lay their eggs, but they can be fished all year. just can't much a lot on non spawning season.

5.marilynmonroe said on 7/25/16 - 02:08AM

anybody catch any squid yet anywhere

6.Chris said on 7/26/16 - 02:34PM


7.sonicsquid said on 7/26/16 - 03:10PM

squid being caught in redondo, des moines

8.Chris Maxwell said on 7/27/16 - 03:43PM

Got almost 5 pounds last night at les davis (tacoma) from 11 pm to 3 am, most around 6 to 8 inches

9.Chris Maxwell said on 7/29/16 - 10:39AM

I never use more than two jogs on my line and we caught over 50 each last night at Les Davis...it took about six hours to do the trick.

10.Chris said on 8/2/16 - 10:40AM

Got one at steilacoom pier the other night in three hours around high tide.

11.Petzel said on 8/4/16 - 01:54PM

looks like the squids have arrived! we haven't tried yet, but planning on going up to the San-Juan islands again and we will try it out again. anyone gone out on a boat yet?

12.Petzel said on 8/8/16 - 07:56AM

We tried a couple times during the day in about 50 feet of water on my Pops boat (we were crabbing) - nothing. I remember seeing last year that some folks post that they catch those Inkers during the day??? Anyone else out there trying during the day? – FYI - It looks like Edmonds Pier opens next week (8/15). Good Luck fellow Squidders!

13.sonicsquid said on 8/8/16 - 10:42AM

caught squids in alki. they are about mid size.

14.sonicsquid said on 8/8/16 - 12:38PM

edmonds isn't opening on the 16th. the new tentative date is the 19th. they can have further delays due to supplies not arriving on time.

15.Chris said on 8/8/16 - 02:08PM

I catch them during the day all the time in September through January....night is the best though because they come eat the little fish that come to the light

16.Petzel said on 8/9/16 - 11:38AM

@ Chris - off the docks? have you tried off a boat at all? - Thanks everyone for keeping the chatter going. Not happy to hear about Edmonds Pier though

17.Chris said on 8/9/16 - 11:28PM

If you anchor the boat they can be caught at night, did it last year in the rain with duck blind up. You can catch them off the dock during the day but never tried off the boat during the day.

18.gypsyangler said on 8/10/16 - 12:58PM

When will Elliot Bay pier will open? Seen it closed until further notice. Also, Anyone seen inkers around the Seattle waterfront yet?

19.Chris said on 8/10/16 - 04:20PM

They have to be around Seattle if they are down here in Tacoma.

20.Petzel said on 8/15/16 - 07:18AM

Went out last night (8/14) and I need to practice more. a few folks were constantly bringing those inkers in... Me, not so much. I did get one after I realized that I need to SQUID FISH! not JIG-Fish. I went to Alki/Seacrest Park - awesome view.

21.Petzel said on 8/15/16 - 07:19AM

Went out last night (8/14) and I need to practice more. a few folks were constantly bringing those inkers in... Me, not so much. I did get one after I realized that I need to SQUID FISH! not JIG-Fish. I went to Alki/Seacrest Park - awesome view.

22.Chris said on 8/15/16 - 11:02AM

You will get it, I did the same thing....now I have my timing down and it is pretty easy.

23.sonicsquid said on 8/15/16 - 01:06PM

how much were ppl catching in alki yesterday?

24.Petzel said on 8/15/16 - 04:15PM

not sure if my last comment went through - @ Sonic... there were about 10+ folks jigging but it looked like only a handful (3 maybe 4) were landing them regularly, 11-12ish the bite seemed to be on.

25.inky said on 8/15/16 - 07:05PM

Thanks for the report, guys. Anyone been to Redondo or Des Moines?

26.sonicsquid said on 8/16/16 - 12:14PM

co-worker said they got about 40 smaller (6 to 7 inches) squids at tacoma over the weekend. not a bad start. anyone else having success so far?

27.Petzel said on 8/17/16 - 06:55AM

BUSTED :) I guess Seacrest Park on Alki closes at 11:30. only got a little water time and lost one at the surface but it was slow. that guy that catches and releases was there again and I only saw him pull one and let it go. only saw a few caught in the short time I was there. another awesome view though. EDMONDS OPEN!!!!! can't wait for next weekend. Also going up to Sucia Island this weekend, will let you know if those inkers are up there as well

28.sonicsquid said on 8/17/16 - 10:51AM

don't go to edmonds this weekend. it will remain closed. the contractor for the pier should never be allowed to work on another government project. 3months project turning into 6months. this delay is caused by something they could of worked on middle of the project.

29.mufasa said on 8/17/16 - 02:01PM

has squid been caught in des moines ?

30.rf said on 8/20/16 - 11:54AM

Des moines this morning- A couple guys had 4-8 each. Small. They left around 6:00am. Don't know how long they were there.

31.Joe said on 8/21/16 - 04:04PM

Any squidding report in les Davis pier so far?

32.sonicsquid said on 8/22/16 - 09:01AM

got about 6 pounds at west seattle on friday.

33.inky said on 8/22/16 - 10:01PM

Went to des Moines Sunday night. In 20 mins, only saw one squid caught. Lots of ppl hanging out, crabbing, and catching pokemons.

34.sonicsquid said on 8/23/16 - 09:14AM

another good night in west seattle. everyone i went with got 7 to 9 pounds

35.MA7squid said on 8/23/16 - 12:54PM

Any squid up north in the San Juans? Would love to know some spots. Was at sucia this past weekend, but didn't try.

36.sonicsquid said on 8/23/16 - 01:14PM

@MA7squid - does it normally show up there? i haven't heard of squid showing up in the northern puget sound area. downtown/west seattle area is doing real well. i think it's going to be another good year.

37.inky said on 8/23/16 - 07:20PM

Sonicsquid, where in west Seattle and are they decent size?

38.mufasa said on 8/24/16 - 12:11PM

lots of folks squidding at Redondo, but not a lot caught. Sounds like West Seattle has better chance

39.sonicsquid said on 8/24/16 - 12:37PM

@inky - it's the place close to the boat taxi. I'm not from that area so i don't know what it is called, sorry. the size were mid to small mid.

40.Joe said on 8/24/16 - 01:29PM

Sonicsquid...what time the dock closes at Seacrest park?whats the best time squidding so far?

41.Petzel said on 8/24/16 - 01:38PM

Nothing up at Sucia Island - but we didn't go out in ideal location - just off the dock and buoy. @ Sonic - Seacrest says they close from 11:30-4:30am - I have been there twice. the first time no Cop. the second a cop came and told folks to leave. My work buddy says to just park on the street and once they come just go sit in car/truck. come back later. good times. sucks to hear/read about Edmonds

42.Joe said on 8/24/16 - 02:46PM

@sonicsquid..what time park closes?and the best time for squidding?

43.Petzel said on 8/25/16 - 07:34AM

@Joe - Seacrest Park/Pier in West Seattle closes at 11:30pm. but last night I was out there until 12. no Police kicking us out. Inkers are out there!!! caught a handful but others were landing from 10:30-12, before and after the tide change. good luck. planning on hitting browns bay for a boat night!

44.Joe said on 8/25/16 - 10:47AM

@Petzel..thanks for the info.hope to hear more from you soon about squidding.

45.sonicsquid said on 8/25/16 - 03:41PM

what pretzel said is correct. the squids are on the smaller size. about 140 to 170 makes about 10 pounds. lots of pulling for limit. lol that dock in west seattle gets packed. so get there early. good luck

46.inky said on 8/26/16 - 06:38PM

Was at west Seattle Thursday night. Everything pretzels and sonicsquid said is right on. Oh, bring your own light as the pier light isn't very good.

47.Petzel said on 8/28/16 - 07:03AM

Awesome to hear inters. Pops and family went out Friday night just North of Edmonds in Browns Bay. Caught a few more but still not getting the jigging down yet. It's not a true jig! Dang squid are picky sometimes. It was a blast though. They were all over and different sizes... Good Times And Happy squidding

48.Flipsyde said on 8/28/16 - 07:30PM

I went to Redondo Pier last night. Crabbers on the right. Squidders on the left. I did ok. Better than the rest. I think I got 14 in one hour that were good size. Most others did not do well. I think they may have been pissed at me for doing well. Eh. Sometimes it's luck with a jig. Or maybe I just found the right depth (let the jig hit bottom and reel up 3-4 times). I was happy to see kids catching squid.

49.sonicsquid said on 8/29/16 - 09:33AM

@inky - glad u got out there and had some fun. was it packed at seacrest when u got there? i've had 2 10 pounds nights this week there already in only 3 hrs. other 2 nights only 7 pounds.

50.Petzel said on 8/29/16 - 09:42AM

Good work everyone and yes - changing lures/depth and just moving around seems to help. FYI - my underwater green LED's lights seem to keep the little squids away. so I will be using those less. Anyone gone out to Pier 86? Magnolia area? I guess it does well but its not very well known/labeled. Plus it has outlets that you can plug your lights in... need long ext. cord though.

51.sonicsquid said on 8/29/16 - 10:18AM

@petzel - is the pier 86 the grain place? wasn't it closed lately? but that place is usually good during peak season. so, i bet it is good right now if west seattle is. also, there are other good piers by the seattle water front.

52.Teddy said on 8/29/16 - 01:45PM

Hi guys, im new for squid fishing, i will go to pier 86 or alki tonight, do i need to bring my own light? What kind of light that i ca n use? ( flashlight, ext...) Thanks all guys

53.sonicsquid said on 8/29/16 - 02:28PM

dont go to pier 86, i think it's closed. best light to bring is 500w halogen work light. u will need a generator. flashlight is useless, only good for your tools and etc... near by. just get a good spot next to one of them bright lights.

54.Petzel said on 8/29/16 - 02:33PM

@Sonic - not sure, I haven't been there. buddy from work wants to go out and says that place is good. I will ask him if its open. do we use mostly one jig or two? I am wondering if I use two if I would get more? just suck and get tangled all the time with more then one. keep up the jigging!

55.Petzel said on 8/29/16 - 03:11PM

Do we know if Generators are allowed at Seacrest? I thought I saw one but mostly its been just batteries.

56.sonicsquid said on 8/29/16 - 04:01PM

@pretzel - i and most ppl use 2 jigs. legally, u can use up to 3 (or was it 4?, i forgot). u get a different feel from using 1 or 2. it's what u prefer. one advantage with 2 is that you get more depth coverage. and when there are lots of them, you get 2 in each pull easier. (u can get 2 with one jig). disadvantages are that you lose 2 jigs if you tangle something ($$$), it's heavier. some ppl use 3 and it's way heavy. bottom jig can tangle top jig if not tied right (use heavier line for the bot to top jig) we don't tangle much if it's us friends. it's those crazy, lazy, greedy ppl that tangle the most. because they throw sideways thinking they can get squid by jigging in front of me. which is not true. they are front of them too if they are only 3 to 6 feet from me.

57.Squiddy said on 8/29/16 - 04:11PM

Caught almost 20 squids from Mukilteo dock. I meant to go there for crabbing, but get bored and tried squidding last Friday night, around mid-night. It's kind of a surprise for that location.

58.Petzel said on 8/30/16 - 12:40AM

@sonic. Thanks for the info. Forgot about the heavier line. Looked like folks with two jigs. Got mors. . Alki was hot for an hour or so.

59.Petzel said on 8/30/16 - 08:11AM

@Squiddy - good info on Mukilteo. Did you have lights? and any information on Generators? are they OK? I am only use to Edmonds and they are used there (LAST YEAR!- Come on EDMONDS!) Happy Squidding everyone

60.sonicsquid said on 8/30/16 - 09:29AM

@squiddy - did you squid from the dock next to the ferry or the shorter one by the hotel? generally, no one squids there because of the ferry and the dock next to the ferry is so small and crowded. but if you are getting squid, that's awesome. specially when summer crab ends on next tuesday, u can have all the space to yourself.

61.Neuro109 said on 8/30/16 - 11:19AM

The wife and I went on Friday the 26th to the Kingston ferry dock pier. We just walked on after taking advantage of the free parking at Edmonds. Walk ons are free back from Kingston. We fished from 8pm-12pm and caught altogether ~6lbs of squid. Some smaller ones but most were medium-large. ~50 squid altogether. Plus when the squidding was slow we did good on catching good sized shiner perch as well. I'd definitely recommend visiting Kingston. Just keep the ferry times in mind unless you want to pull an all nighter.

62.Neuro109 said on 8/30/16 - 11:21AM

Sorry, 8pm to 12am. Did NOT fish all morning too.

63.Teddy said on 8/30/16 - 02:00PM

I heard someone talk that they can catch squid during daytime, any experience and dock for daytime squid? Thanks guys

64.Neuro109 said on 8/30/16 - 02:17PM

@Teddy - I haven't experienced that yet this year but last year at Edmonds I would start jigging around 3-4pm while it was still plenty of light. In my experience it's not as busy as night time but you'll still snag a couple here and there. Main thing to keep in my mind is to go deeper than you would at night. I would drop my jig till I felt it hit bottom, then pull up about a foot or so and start jigging.

65.Petzel said on 8/30/16 - 02:31PM

@Teddy - buddy at work likes to go during day as Neuro pointed out. and he said they are bigger usually. he would get them more at the surface/sunlight depth. looking forward to Edmonds opening

66.inky said on 8/30/16 - 10:02PM

Was at des Moines Sat night. About a dozen fishing for squids and shiner. In 2 hrs, only 2 ppl were catching squids; none for me. And here, u will snag if the jig hits bottom. Will try alki instead.

67.squiddy said on 8/30/16 - 11:05PM

@petzel/@sonicsquid. I was at the dock next to the ferry, and next to the light. No need to carry your own light since the light from ferry dock is really bright, but I guess we need to be there on high tide. I came back Monday night on low tide and did not catch anything.

68.Teddy said on 8/30/16 - 11:10PM

Pier 86 open, some guys catch ~3-4lb from 9-11. Folks is less busy than Alki does.

69.Teddy said on 8/31/16 - 06:10AM

Does anyone know what store in seattle area selling good Squid jig, i dont have time to drive down to Auburn for Squid candy jig. ( the one store i know in seattle is Linc , but it recently closed due to owner's health) . I bought some jig in Outdoor Emporium but it was not good, maybe i bought for wrong jig, Any advice for jig? Thank you.

70.Petzel said on 8/31/16 - 08:46AM

@Squid - good info on Mukilteo. @Teddy - good to hear about 86... and on jigs, besides candy's best!!!! Silver Horde makes a decent jig as well, hard to find places that sell them. I would call local fishing spots in your area first to see if they carry any. Silver Horde Fishing Supplies 20910 63rd Ave W, Lynnwood - is where I have gone before. go to the source! :)

71.sonicsquid said on 8/31/16 - 09:20AM

ted's in lynnwood has them. they are getting expensive and low in supply. i think the guy that makes them (red) wiil supply them closer to the peak season. maybe candy jigs should sell them up there too. https://www.tedssportscenter.com/

72.sonicsquid said on 8/31/16 - 09:21AM

@teddy - does the pier 86 close at 11pm?

73.Teddy said on 8/31/16 - 10:38AM

Im not sure the pier close at 11 or not cause when im there at 12am yesterday and no police appear, but all the light on the dock off at 11pm,

74.Petzel said on 9/1/16 - 11:40AM

went out last night to Alki - got a dozen or so in a solid hour of jigging. I think I finally figured out the jig portion of it. its more of a feel then an actual jig motion. all different sizes and at all depths. Also I had some guy come up to me and tell me that Generators are not allowed on that pier and police will give you a ticket. not sure if he wasn't happy that his lights were not the brightest last night or if that is true... anyone know about generators on docks?

75.TC said on 9/2/16 - 03:06PM

I check out Pier 86 and Alki yesterday, Thursday night Sept 1st around 9 PM. @Pier 86 is very much empty, only a father and a young boy fishing for squid there. He indicated that he got only 1 and he been there like 30 minutes. @Alki: about 20 fishers there. In 10 minutes I was there, saw a few catches... But they are mid side (6 7 inches) I might go back to Pier 86 tonight but it will depend on the weather... And weather still look bad in Lake Union.

76.TC said on 9/2/16 - 03:10PM

As for generators on the docks on Alki, it is illegal to have any flammable materials on the dock so if you have a gas generator, it is a NO NO. There is a sign at the dock warning about it.

77.Brian squid said on 9/2/16 - 03:17PM

My dad and I are planning to bring our boat up from Portland tonight and hopefully do some squiding from the boat tomorrow night. We are moored at shilshole in Seattle. Does anyone have any reports from that area? Also is crabbing still open? Thanks!

78.Petzel said on 9/2/16 - 03:22PM

Anyone going out to Edmonds? It opens today. But only partially and not sure what that really means.

79.Petzel said on 9/3/16 - 11:20AM

@ TC - thanks for the information on the generators, I guess flammable material does = gas generator... @Brian - the squid are all over it sounds like, just depending on tide/current/food, for crabbing its still open up north (Edmonds/Everett) but I am not sure down south. I would check the WSDW for the latest on that. it closes soon though!

80.Lanne said on 9/3/16 - 05:16PM

Hi guys, im looking to buy some squid candy jig in Seattle areas, do you know what tackle store or someone selling it now? Thanks for your help.

81.Petzel said on 9/4/16 - 07:13AM

@Lanne... online and maybe in Federal way are the two spots that I know of to get squid candy jigs. Search online maybe you can find more. Anyone out there tried Edmonds? Went there during the day just to check it out and looks nice. They said a bunch of squidders were out alreadyand catching a bunch, whatever that means. Happy inkingeveryone!

82.squiddy said on 9/4/16 - 11:49AM

For Edmonds you need to be there around midnight. Went there around 9 pm the first day, did not catch any, but I came back last night from 11:30 thru 2:30 and got almost 7lbs.

83.Petzel said on 9/5/16 - 06:38AM

Thanks for the info Squidy. Looking to go out to Edmonds tonight. Will follow up tomorrow. Happy squids!

84.Joe said on 9/5/16 - 06:36PM

How's edmonds today?

85.Petzel said on 9/6/16 - 08:14AM

Squiddy's correct - Edmonds got the bite on after midnight. I had nothing from 10-12. for the next 30 minutes caught 15... Also have to post my first double inker landed (2x)!!! that was cool, sizes vary

86.sonicsquid said on 9/6/16 - 09:15AM

went to edmonds on friday and saturday from 8 to 11. lots of ppl and no squid. windy and rainy on friday. seal was chasing them squid too. disappointing opening day.

87.Petzel said on 9/6/16 - 10:22AM

@Sonic - Edmonds gets better after midnight. not sure why (Tide/Current/etc.) but Squiddy was right, I got 15 in just over 30 minutes, but not until about 12:30am. still early in the season but they are out there and some decent size as well (8")- Happy Inking!

88.Flanker71 said on 9/7/16 - 10:12AM

Tried squiding in the canal last Friday night. Did pretty good. Anchored the boat in 30 feet of water and turned the lights on. Huge schools showed up. Not a real great bite though. Managed to bring home about 50 squid but I'll admit most were snagged. I think the salmon were chasing them to much and keeping them skiddish. Fished the Kingston dock all last winter and did pretty well. This year we'll use the boat more since we can get away from the combat fishing atmosphere of the pier.

89.sonicsquid said on 9/7/16 - 02:09PM

is edmonds still crowded? anyone catching before midnight?

90.Joe said on 9/7/16 - 04:25PM

Any report from les Davis pier?

91.Petzel said on 9/8/16 - 08:50AM

@Sonic - when I went out a few nights ago at Edmonds it wasn't that crowded. Weather was not the best either though. Also work buddy went to Alki and only got a few from 9-12ish. still early. I am planning on going out on Pops boat again tomorrow night and will follow up. Close to Edmonds is the plan.

92.inky said on 9/9/16 - 06:37AM

Went to des Moines over weekend. Only caught 2 squids so slow. But went to alki last night and got 2 lbs. Very crowded and squids fairly small. Can't wait for peak season!

93.TC said on 9/9/16 - 11:34AM

Went out to Pier 86 last night from 8PM to 10PM (Sept 8th). About 20 folks, most get 10 plus (mid size)... Some get more than other (chit... there was a man that got a squid in every 2 or 3 minutes, we were all impress and envy LOL) Probably will do again tonight.

94.Joe said on 9/10/16 - 11:37AM

Went to west seattle last night and dude 9.5lbs in less than two hours. If only police did not tell us to leave at 1130 i should have gotten my limit

95.Chris said on 9/11/16 - 12:26PM

Any reports of squid by Port Townsend?

96.Joe said on 9/11/16 - 02:48PM

Any dash point report pls

97.Petzel said on 9/12/16 - 11:30AM

@Chris - Not sure about Port Townsend, but give it a try and let us know! @Joe - awesome to hear about Alki/West Seattle. but not the police part. FYI - was told not to park in the Parks Parking Lot and park on the street. when the Cops come leave, go to your car and once its clear - back to happy squidding again. And not sure about Dash Point... Also - went out to Edmonds last night - 11-12:30. It was alright, I had to use a different rod and wasn't happy with the feel. yeah I will use that. did pull in a dozen or so. Happy Inking everyone

98.TC said on 9/12/16 - 11:57AM

Went to Pier 86 on last Friday and Saturday, I got about 30 squids on each night after couple hours. Look to me squids are in shallow water. Maybe the water is still warm? I never squid this early so just want to confirm. Btw, have anyone squid at Pier 68?

99.sonicsquid said on 9/12/16 - 01:24PM

edmonds is still a bit slow. thursday had a late bite and got about 25. friday had an early bite that disappeared quick. ended up with about 30 in 40 mins and not much after. went to seattle on sunday, forgot which pier and ended up with about 15. looks like it's time to go back to west seattle.

100.TC said on 9/13/16 - 10:15AM

My friend went out to Pier 86 last night from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM and he got no squid. Probably low tide. Look like the next few nights, low tides going to be from 9 PM to 11 PM.

101.squiddy said on 9/13/16 - 11:36AM

Edmonds is a bit slow. Went on Saturday night from 11PM - 2AM and caught only about 30 squids. Anyone else got more at different time?

102.Petzel said on 9/14/16 - 08:26AM

@Squiddy - not here, that's when I go as well. Also my buddy from work went to Pier 86 and got nothing. it was slow there as well, but he left before midnight. with the tide being off it could be even slower now. but hey no salmon, and starfish eating them :)

103.sonicsquid said on 9/14/16 - 09:27AM

it's slow everywhere, been up and down PS last 5 nights. it's the low tide. at least the squids are getting a little bigger.

104.Petzel said on 9/15/16 - 08:27AM

@Sonic - thanks for the heads up and makes sense on the tide, that's what I was thinking as well as still early. thinking of doing a 2am-4am at Edmonds but don't have the energy. Anyone gone out at the high tide in the wee morning yet? 3am-4am'rs?

105.sonicsquid said on 9/15/16 - 09:25AM

last night was slow too. there were few ppl too. most of them caught 1 to 2 in 3 hrs before giving up. only 1 or 2 ppl were catching them in the 30s to 40s

106.chris said on 9/15/16 - 01:52PM

Is anyone selling jigs at Edmonds pier?

107.CF said on 9/15/16 - 02:00PM

A friend of mine loaned me an extremely bright underwater LED light that is used for Humbolt squid in CA. Want to try it out at Edmonds pier. Happy to bring it down for some shared knowledge and perhaps a hand made jig or two??

108.Petzel said on 9/15/16 - 02:27PM

@Chris - I haven't seen them selling yet, but I am sure they will once the season is hot. they did last year at least. @CF - what color light? I have been using Green LED underwater and I have a feeling the squid don't like that as much as the white light.

109.sonicsquid said on 9/15/16 - 03:03PM

@chris - red is selling his jigs in edmonds. he is there most of the nights. @cf - don't use underwater led lights, they don't do well here. u want the squids to sink to the middle and bottom. where it's darker. the ones on the top don't bit well because they can see the jigs are not real food. so they try to attack it and then stop before the jig.

110.Scottsquid said on 9/15/16 - 06:03PM

Went to des moines at 4 am on wed it was slow. And people there before high tide at 2 am also said it was slow earlier

111.CF said on 9/15/16 - 06:59PM

The LED is BRIGHT WHITE - no green whatsoever. I have enough line to drop it to the bottom off Edmonds Pier. I'm just trying to give it a shot as I'm no expert by any means

112.Henry said on 9/18/16 - 01:04AM

Has anyone tried pier 86 in the past couple days? I'm wondering if tonight will be good

113.Petzel said on 9/19/16 - 08:14AM

@ Henry - I haven't been out lately, but my co-worker went to Pier 86 on Saturday night and got about 3lbs. good size. from 11;30-2ish. He went again last night from 10-11:30 and didn't get any plus lost his two favorite jigs. Anyone hit Edmonds lately?

114.sonicsquid said on 9/19/16 - 10:03AM

@petzel - edmonds is dead. not much coming up. aug was hot but sept is turning out to be slow.

115.sonicsquid said on 9/19/16 - 10:05AM

btw, i can't get the word verification to work on any of my phones and tablets. anyone else have this problem? also, it would be nice to post pics on the board too.

116.Petzel said on 9/19/16 - 12:57PM

@sonic. Thanks for the heads up on Edmonds. And verification thing works on my phonr. Not best formatting. But works

117.Fjforrest said on 9/19/16 - 08:54PM

Why don't you guys create a Facebook page so you can share pics?

118.Petzel said on 9/20/16 - 11:08AM

@FjForrest - that's techie talk ;) - and I don't do facebook so that wouldn't work. but I get it. makes sense. FYI - Got one of my rods fixed and they were selling squid jigs for 8.99 (Gregg Custom Rod's in Lake Stevens)... crazy price, I think you can get cheaper ones at Silver Horde directly or of course Squid Candy!!!! :) FYI - I only use squid candy at this time, but will need to get some new ones soon. not at 8.99 a pop though

119.TC said on 9/20/16 - 03:00PM

@Petzel: Hey... I think I know your coworker. Sale @ AT&T? Sunday night at Pier 86 was terrible. Water not really clear, stay there from 10 pm to 11:30 pm, got 1 squid and my friend got none plus lost his 2 jigs (warned him not to go deep) Saw a lot of salmons... Maybe that is why or may be we just suck LOL

120.Petzel said on 9/21/16 - 07:22AM

@TC - no comment :) - but he did go again last night and got 20 or so from 9-11. wondering if its hotter later. -- Edmonds still slow? Anyone hit that pier lately? Pops and I are waiting to go on his boat. last year we went out in Oct and did very well. can't wait to do it again this year :) Happy Squidding everyone

121.inky said on 9/21/16 - 07:37AM

West Seattle is hit and miss. Got 2 pounds last Thursday but only 1 Monday. And it is P-A-C-K-E-D!

122.Petzel said on 9/21/16 - 07:54AM

@Inky - thanks for the update, sound like we are still a bit early but from the looks of it - we could have a great year! @ TC - you are correct, my co-worker = your buddy.. he asked to see how you did last night? :)

123.sonicsquid said on 9/21/16 - 10:45AM

it's been very slow last 10+ days vs earlier august. i think it's because of salmon. i've seen a lot of them and i think they are scaring them into deeper waters.

124.Henry said on 9/21/16 - 12:14PM

I decided to check out pier 86 last night. I got there at 11, probably 20 other squidders already there. Everyone left by 12, several with a couple pounds. Around 12:30 a school of squid was swimming around between the pier and the rocks and I quickly got a pound of them before they headed back out.

125.Petzel said on 9/22/16 - 09:18AM

@Sonic - I think I saw someone's post about the Salmon as well and I almost fell over my short distance to the ground... what salmon??? Coho? I think its great that Canada had Coho open this year. COME ON PEOPLE! and we have the Rivers open for Coho? what? OK - off the wine box. Happy Squidding everyone, its all we got :)

126.Petzel said on 9/22/16 - 09:41AM

@Henry - Thanks for the update at Pier 86 and good work hanging out to get that extra inker! :)

127.@petzel said on 9/22/16 - 10:43AM

there are 4x more salmon (coho)than expected according to my friend who works with state wild life. that's why they opened up lake washington. every night i'm out there i see 10 to 20 salmons swimming near docks.

128.sonicsquid said on 9/22/16 - 10:44AM

lol. that was me above.

129.Squidward said on 9/22/16 - 04:58PM

Any reports for redondo or des moines pier? Planning to head out tomorrow night to stock up on bait for a neah bay bottom fishing.

130.TC said on 9/23/16 - 09:31AM

Went out Pier 86 last night from 8:30 to 10:00 PM. Got a couple squids, my buddy got like 5. Not much actions for the test of us on 86. High tide and very windy. We went to Pier 57 (Great wheel) to check out for about an hour. My buddy got like 5 while I got none. Look to me squids are getting bigger and they tend to go after pink and small jigs. Timid squid? @Petzer: LOL.. So he tell you... Well, it going to happen. I rather got strikeout now while I still enjoy the fair weather.

131.sonicsquid said on 9/23/16 - 01:44PM

it's been good last couple of nights at downtown pier. limiting out both times.

132.Jigger said on 9/24/16 - 11:41AM

@sonicsquid which pier and what time? Thank you!

133.marilynmonroe said on 9/24/16 - 01:27PM

any luck in Des Moines anyone?

134.Marie said on 9/25/16 - 02:29AM

Went to pier 86 nothing. We caught 4 in 3 hrs. Everyone left by ~1am pier empty.

135.Petzel said on 9/25/16 - 06:13PM

Went out last night on Pops boat. Way slow. Stayed in Browns Bay. Just north of Edmonds. Saw a lot of shakers. Pops even caught a hatchery. Crazy.

136.uninked yet in Tacoma said on 9/25/16 - 07:33PM

Anyone getting any down here in Tacoma? Any good spots?

137.TC said on 9/26/16 - 09:45AM

Went to Pier 86 on Friday 9/23, got nothing and too windy in about an hour. So we went to Pier 57. Much nicer and got a few lbs in 2 hours.

138.sonicsquid said on 9/26/16 - 10:28AM

@jigger - i go to most of piers in seattle waterfront. i go from sunset to around 11 or midnight. btw, i'm not a beginner. i tend to out fish most people. for example, most ppl were getting 1 to 5 squids one night and i ended up with 60 during the same time.

139.sonicsquid said on 9/26/16 - 10:34AM

@TC - since the squids are smaller right now, the smaller jigs do well. but, i'm very lazy and don't ever switch out. i'm using the same ones from last year, so you can still catch with the regular size ones. one tip i want to give you and others is that right now, the squids tends to be up on top. so don't go deep. also, play with the depth. meaning, throw it and try to jig at shallow water. if no bite, cast again into few feet deeper. then so on, up and down. once you get a bite, keep going back to that depth until it's gone. in addition, even if they are not hooking, if they are kind of timid and have small bites, you can still feel them. that means, u also got the right depth. just keep at it.

140.Squiddy said on 9/26/16 - 11:50AM

Update on Edmonds: from 11PM - 1 AM on Friday, caught nothing. Very slow. I did see squids, but they were not biting, being chased by the seal. Most people gave up and left. I did see one or two guys caught 2-3 squids, but that's it. Please update if you caught more at different date/time. Thanks.

141.Bob said on 9/26/16 - 12:22PM

went to the Edmonds pier Sunday night. Got 3 lbs. seal was there wood have gotten more but he kept scaring them away

142.Squiddy said on 9/26/16 - 01:34PM

@Bob - What time did you go on Sunday?

143.inky said on 9/26/16 - 04:21PM

Sonicsquid, good tips. And yes, there is always 1 or 2 guys that seem to be catching, even on a slow night. Now in the report.. Went to Des Moines Sat from 9~11pm. Very slow but saw two buckets with a few pounds. Didn't ask how long they've been there. The time I was there, only a few caught. I got 3. Also, parking patrol was there to warn ppl of a $175 citation if no permit.

144.Doug said on 9/27/16 - 09:57AM

Has anyone tried the underwater LED lights? I bought one off eBay and tried it last night. Nice green light from 72? LED's. Had a ton of bait fish around but no squid. I was also fishing off Bremerton marina so that may be a factor this early in the season.

145.sonicsquid said on 9/27/16 - 10:11AM

@doug - i've seen many ppl use the underwater green light and i've never seen any of them catch much squid. if they are catching with them, i would catch 10x more away from it, lol. believe it or not, the lights don't travel that much in the water. i had scuba divers tell me that the lights are only visible 5 to 7 feet from the surface of the water. just get some flood lights and shine it front of you.

146.Petzel said on 9/27/16 - 12:07PM

@Green Lights :) - I have them as well, and they do get the bait, I have been told that the squid prefer the white lights. I want to see about testing the white lights vs. green. As the LED's underwater do travel/light up well. I will turn off the green underwater lights once the inkers start biting and then just use the flood lights.

147.Petzel said on 9/27/16 - 12:08PM

@Bob & Anyone else in Edmonds? Anyone gone out lately? and wondering when Bob got his on Sunday night :) Thanks everyone for chatting - helps me out as I am still learning.

148.Petzel said on 9/28/16 - 09:24AM

Went out last night at Edmonds, only a few folks out there @12-1am. Did see a bunch of schools of inkers in different sizes & quantities but they were not biting constantly, was able to grab a handful in that hour. Wind picked up and bed was calling. The other group was not pulling much out either. still slow up North.

149.sonicsquid said on 9/29/16 - 01:06PM

tomorrow is the blackmoon. anyone know if it's good or bad? LOL. everyone has a different opinion on moon, tide, wind, rain, etc... but i haven't heard any on the blackmoon.

150.Lulu said on 9/29/16 - 10:59PM

Des Moines Marina, still slow but seeing a lot more squid than before. Folks caught anywhere from 0-15 when I left!

151.Squidwa said on 9/30/16 - 08:31AM

Les Davis pier was on fire last night

152.Bob said on 9/30/16 - 11:12AM

got 10 lbs. last night at Edmonds pier. From sunset to 9:00 pm. Best I have done this year got some jigs from Red they worked good got squid all most every cast.

153.Petzel said on 9/30/16 - 11:35AM

@ Bob and SquidWA - good updates! come on Inkers get hot!!!!!

154.SquidwWA said on 9/30/16 - 11:43AM

Salmon are also on the prowl though and they're routinely chasing the schools around

155.Squiddy said on 9/30/16 - 03:03PM

Thanks Bob for the update. I'll try at Edmonds from sunset today.

156.Bob said on 9/30/16 - 11:10PM

went back to Edmonds tonight Friday only got a few squid. Last night lots of Squid tonight was bad ????

157.PETZEL said on 10/2/16 - 07:54AM

Went to Edmonds Saturday night from 10-12am. Saw lots of squid from 11-12 only got a handful. Ugh. Plus I had one of the last lights on at 12. Some people need some "light" sense and not crowd. Happy inking everyone

158.sonicsquid said on 10/3/16 - 07:16AM

edmonds was hot on wednesday and thursday. pretty much everyone was limiting out those two days. Friday was dead.

159.Petzel said on 10/3/16 - 11:52AM

@Sonic - when? and were they still smaller or are they getting bigger? Was thinking of going out to Edmonds again but waiting for the tide to get a little better.

160.Squiddy said on 10/3/16 - 04:45PM

Went to Edmonds Friday 7-9:30 PM, caught only a few. Back on Saturday night, from 12 Am - 3am, lots lots of squids around, but they're not biting. Caught only 11. Really weird.

161.WSsquid said on 10/3/16 - 08:07PM

Went to Seacrest sat 10-1 , 9pm-12. Caught a few, people with the most had about 20 in their buckets.

162.sonicsquid said on 10/4/16 - 09:08AM

@petzel - it was from sunset to later. so about 7ish to 10ish.

163.sonicsquid said on 10/4/16 - 09:10AM

@squiddy - i was there on friday and saturday and there were tons of bait fish. almost to a point i can snag one every cast within a sec. i don't think there were any room for squid to come in. and when i did see a school, they were on the surface (which is no good), and they weren't even looking at the jigs.

164.Henry said on 10/4/16 - 11:03AM

Anyone check out 86 or the wheel recently? I have a day off work coming up and I want to know where my best chances of hooking up are.

165.sonicsquid said on 10/4/16 - 02:18PM

west seattle (seacrest) was hot yesterday

166.sonicsquid said on 10/4/16 - 02:20PM

@henry - had a limit at the wheel early last week. forgot the day. i heard it's been off and on there. and yes, i fish every where and every day. i've caught a lot of squid already, lol.

167.Chris said on 10/5/16 - 04:51PM

Les Davis pier is on fire. Got my limit there the last two nights from sunset to about 1100pm.

168.Dan said on 10/5/16 - 04:54PM

The pier by Pt Defiance Boathouse was pretty empty last night, I managed to get about 7 lbs of squid, I don't mind not getting a limit if it isn't as crowded. Drove by Les Davis on the way home and people were really killing them, you could see them pulling them up from the road, fast action.

169.Squid Candy Squid Jigs said on 10/5/16 - 09:05PM

We have a new store where you can find our jigs!! Doug's Boats 13410 175th Street Woodinville WA 98072 The jigs will arrive on Friday! Happy squidding and thanks for your support!!

170.Petzel said on 10/6/16 - 07:11AM

@squid candy... that's awesome! I only use those jigs as they are a perfect size. The silver horde has good ones as well but usually only one size and they are a bit big for my liking. @ Edmonds squidders - Any luck at Edmonds? Thinking of going out tonight. Happy Inkingeveryone Everyone. And remember. Light gear and it's not a jig it's more of a feeling.;)

171.Chris said on 10/6/16 - 11:41AM

Went to Steliacoom last night and picked up 4 in 5 hours. Another person there got 10 in 7 hours. Still pretty slow out down south.

172.Bob said on 10/6/16 - 02:06PM

I saw a sign last night that Edmond's Fishing Pier will be closed 10/06/16. Does anybody know if they will close it during the day or at night as well?

173.Petzel said on 10/6/16 - 02:53PM

@Bob - you messing with me?!?!?! - man, I had the cooler packed and everything. looks like people are on the Pier now... from the Edmonds Marina Camera. did you see any timeframes Bob? Or other dates? I even filled up the gas can ;)

174.Petzel said on 10/6/16 - 03:00PM

Sorry bob - just saw that you asked the same thing. where is SonicSquid - he knows :)

175.Petzel said on 10/6/16 - 03:09PM

@Petzel :) - The GOOGLE is amazing. Update: Due to the threat of rain, the closure is now planned Oct. 10.... they had a planned concrete sealing (not this time of year fools) but now for the 10th (good luck Edmonds) but yeah for squidding for tonight! Cooler packed again!

176.Petzel said on 10/6/16 - 03:14PM

@Bob - AND - how did you do? is it still pretty slow at Edmonds? sorry for all the post. Happy Squids everyone

177.bob said on 10/6/16 - 03:24PM

got 5 lbs. last night pier closed today for work open again Friday. Got jigs from red and they worked great.

178.Petzel said on 10/7/16 - 08:30AM

went to Edmonds last night as the concrete pouring was delayed until the 10th... got a dozen+ in about 45 min, should have gotten more. still rookie! weather was nice and wet and saw a bunch of schools, they look to be biting deeper now and getting bigger sizes. 10:30ish. and not too many fools out there. maybe 6 total

179.squiddy said on 10/7/16 - 10:19AM

@Petzel: Thanks for the update. Will try tonight.

180.Oncorhynchus said on 10/7/16 - 03:28PM

Hey guys, I usually fish off of Redondo but finally got a light setup. Are there some piers in the south sound that are open at night but don't have lights (where I can get away from crowds by bringing my own light). Thanks much.

181.GettinJiggyWitIt said on 10/8/16 - 07:15AM

Edmonds sucked last night. Was there until 11 pm and zero good bites. Most left with less than a pound

182.Optimus said on 10/9/16 - 01:36PM

Went to Les Davis on Friday, no good bites. Very few squid were being caught. @Oncorhynchus: Dash Point seems to be a little less busy.

183.Dogslife4me2003 said on 10/9/16 - 09:20PM

First time poster, first time at trying to jig for squid. I tried my hand for the first time tonight at squid fishing. I went to the Oak Harbor Marina. I don't have a decent light set-up yet, but I tied a bunch of chemlights and used that to hopefully attract the squids bait. I bought a 2500 Lums flashlight to help out too, but it proved to be impracticable to use in one hand and and jig the rod with the other hand. I had no luck. The one good thing is the chemlight worked well at attracting bait fish. It even attracted a curious harbor seal, who's lights lit up like the devil from 20' down. I used two jigs in tandem for a while. A double glow (green and white) and a pink and white Yo-Zuri jig. Nothing. Are they just not in at Oak Harbor? Has anyone had any luck there? Any tips are appreciated. I'm hoping that I'm either too early or if I am late, when a good time to try it out up here is. Thanks!

184.Petzel said on 10/10/16 - 09:08AM

@Dogs4Squid :) - Not sure about Oak Harbor, but I would guess those lil inkers are everywhere with the season starting to get going. Use light light gear... no swivels (or at least very very small ones) Squid Candy jigs are the best in my opinion as they seem to keep their glow and have awesome color varieties. buy them online! Also - went out to Edmonds last night. My Generator(My Pops to be official) pull cord was stuck. won't begin to start. but I did sit next to someone around 10 that had a light and got a bout a half dozen in 30 min. I gave them to the light guy :) as I was still bent out of shape with my current lights. Pops - I know you read this, sorry about your generator :) we will get it going again! Thanks everyone for making this a great year. This is my 2nd full year and I am still learning each time I go out.

185.sonicsquid said on 10/10/16 - 09:16AM

@pretzel - edmonds was hot around 11pm. big ones too. most ppl limited out that was there at 11.

186.Petzel said on 10/10/16 - 11:10AM

@Sonic - I had a feeling it was going to get going, the schools were big and not too shallow. when did you get there? I bet we crossed squid poles :) I was the one in the middle with the generator that was not working :).... it seems the ones at the end were landing them more frequently

187.sonicsquid said on 10/10/16 - 11:17AM

@pretzel - i wasn't there =(. my friend sent me a pic around 11:45 to come because he had 8lbs and they were still coming up. but, i already had 10 pounds from seattle pier so i didn't go.

188.biggerfish said on 10/10/16 - 11:25AM

I was also at Edmonds Friday night until 10 p.m.-very slow.

189.squiddy said on 10/10/16 - 11:39AM

I was at Edmonds Friday night around 11 PM. Very slow, but then get better after 1:30 AM. Caught over 20 squids for 3-4 hours of jigging, mostly after 1:30 AM. The guy next to me were catching like crazy, almost every cast. I think type of jig and experience do count now. Squids are there, but you may need to try different jigs, and different ways of jigging, and you will catch something even if others are not catching.

190.sonicsquid said on 10/10/16 - 12:44PM

@squiddy - most jigs will work no matter what when the squids are in and biting. I've been using the same jigs for the past 12 months+. from my experience, it's the depth of where you throw it. and also the action of the jig. and also, how frequent you pull on your line and how hard. it makes the jig float or swim the way the squid likes it. when the squid is biting hard, you want to pull the line harder and less frequent. 5 to 10 secs. when the they are timid at biting (u can fill them but can't snag them), you have to use lighter pulls and more frequent pulls. hope that helps.

191.yacob said on 10/10/16 - 01:27PM

has anyone had any luck fishing at low tide? I usually like to fish them on incoming high tide but have never tried fishing at low tide! Might have to go after them tonight!

192.squiddy said on 10/10/16 - 02:58PM

@sonicsquid: Thanks for the tips.

193.Bob said on 10/11/16 - 07:28AM

I found the really good Squid jigs at Ted's sport center. in north Lynwood on old 99.hope this helps the people that can't find them.

194.sonicsquid said on 10/11/16 - 09:06AM

is there a picture of squid candy on this site? i can't find it.

195.Jigger4life said on 10/11/16 - 09:30AM

Has anyone tried the ferris wheel in downtown seattle? Any catch update?

196.Squiddy said on 10/11/16 - 10:43AM

@Bob: How much are they selling the jigs at Ted's now? Last year it was $5.99 each, but I heard that the jigs are now $10 or so. Just want to confirm.

197.Petzel said on 10/11/16 - 11:25AM

@yacob - yes on low tide and in my opinion its all up to the inkers, caught at all different tides and haven't caught at all different tides. :) FYI - don't put too much oil in the Honda Generators - they don't like that too much. Also - under Squid Jigs there were pictures and a place to order them online. Looks like they are now at a handful of stores. http://www.squidfishingwa.com/Online-Store.html

198.Petzel said on 10/11/16 - 12:13PM

@SquidCandy - can you get the pictures of your jigs back on the site? I know I have a family member who is getting into squid fishing - pictures are priceless as the saying goes :) @ yacob - incoming high tide seems to do better for me if I had my choice. I go out when I can and if the tide is high, great! if not, at least I am fishing :) Happy inking everyone

199.Petzel said on 10/11/16 - 12:14PM

Sorry for the posts - but I did see someone selling jigs at Edmonds when I went out a couple nights ago, I believe I saw 3 for 10 - I would watch out though and make sure they are quality like squid candy!

200.sonicsquid said on 10/11/16 - 01:01PM

@pretzel - red sells jigs from edmonds. i believe 3 for 25. usually there is another guy (couple) that sells used jigs they pull out of the water. if you buy them, make sure they light up.

201.J man said on 10/12/16 - 07:13AM

Anyone out there heard of catching squid in Bellingham ? They do have the ferry terminal dock and causeway up there. I'm sans boat

202.Petzel said on 10/12/16 - 08:00AM

@Sonic - man are the jigs getting expensive!?!?!? @J Man - I met a guy at Edmonds that said he was from Bellingham and didn't think squid were up there, just smelt & hearing. I would have to think they are everywhere on the west coast, just need to find them.

203.TC said on 10/12/16 - 10:06AM

@sonicsquid: thx for the tips @Jigger4life: Pier 57 right? Not this week, but we went there a few times when windy in Pier 86. My bro got his limit last night in Edmonds. Look like a hit.

204.edmondsjig said on 10/12/16 - 11:49AM

I bought the jigs at a Korean market (Boo-Han) at Edmonds. 22618 WA-99, Edmonds, WA 98026

205.sonicsquid said on 10/12/16 - 06:05PM

once again, edmonds was on fire last night. i think most ppl already know since a lot of ppl there.

206.sonicsquid said on 10/12/16 - 06:06PM

@J man - the squid (market squid) resides from mexico to alaska. so they are all over the west coast.

207.Squiddy said on 10/13/16 - 11:17AM

Edmonds is like hit and miss. Last night was slow, many people gave up. @sonicsquid: Tried your tips on how to jig, caught 7 squids in an hour on a slow night, while many others not catching at all. Thanks!

208.Petzel said on 10/13/16 - 02:50PM

Anyone going out during this awesome weather? we know Sonic will be out :) - was thinking of hitting Edmonds tonight if the wind is coming from the South should be OK. anyone going out tonight or tomorrow night?

209.Jigger4life said on 10/13/16 - 04:45PM

Last two nights at Alki has been slow. Low tides at evening are not in our favor...

210.Not henry said on 10/13/16 - 06:42PM

Anyone tried downtown Seattle recently? 86 or the wheel?

211.osv1004 said on 10/14/16 - 09:22PM

went to Seacrest last night. Caught 1. A tiny one too.

212.PETZEL said on 10/15/16 - 08:41AM

@OSV - I thought my handful was slow. At least you got one. Edmonds was very slow as well last night. Went out from 8:30-11:30 only landed about 10 but they were bigger. Did see schools of them so they were out there. Frustrating when they are not biting. I can't wait to hear it was hot after midnight... @ sonic - where you going? How has it been for you?

213.dogslife4me2003 said on 10/15/16 - 03:23PM

I might try Oak Harbor again tonight if it's not too bad out. I build a squid light and I want to try it out. If not tonight, then I will try tomorrow night. I might need to take a trip south to pickup those squid candy jigs. I wish that you could order them direct on here.

214.dogslife4me2003 said on 10/15/16 - 03:56PM

Anyone every try out the Clinton Ferry Dock on Whidbey Island?

215.PETZEL said on 10/16/16 - 12:33PM

@ Dogs. I thought someone posted that Clinton had squid. But don't bet the house. My memory is about a squid size so don't bet the big house. Let's us know and how is the new light setup?

216.dogslife4me2003 said on 10/16/16 - 04:51PM

Thanks PETZ. Due to the winds still being up high, I'm going to try Cornet Bay tonight. They have lights and the bottom has cover, so with the new light and some glow stick lights, I'm going to give it a go. I know it is a good dock for herring and smelt, but I have never heard of anyone catching squid there (but then again, I might be talking to the wrong people). I don't plan to be out super late, but hopefully a couple squid will be the reward.

217.Dogslife4me said on 10/16/16 - 11:15PM

Cornet Bay was a bust, plus they close at dusk, and no pier lighting. There was .o way with the current and outgoing tide that they would be in there. I decided to revisit the Oak Harbor Marina. My luck at there with the gate being open ran out. I then hit up Clinton Ferry Dock. My green light likely is scaring off the squid. I caught two perch and one sculpin, however. I then headed over to the Mukilteo pier. I lost three of my four jigs due to seals breaking my line. Tons of baitfish, but no one else there.

218.Squiddy said on 10/17/16 - 10:44AM

@Dogslife4me: Mukilteo pier is not a good location for squidding, even though some time you can catch squids (but not a lot). If you're in Mukilteo, try crabbing. I got a good number of crabs last night. If you can go to Mukilteo, try to drive just a bit more to Edmonds for a better chance of catching squids.

219.sonicsquid said on 10/17/16 - 10:52AM

@pretzel - lol. i'm not going out there in typhoon. although my friends texted me on friday saying there was no wind. well after 3 days of no fishing =(, i got my limit of squid in downtown yesterday by 8:30. the squids survived the 2016 wind storm. get out there!

220.Petzel said on 10/17/16 - 10:54AM

@Boaters? Anyone out there with a boat that has gone out recently? My Pops took the boat out last year and we limited out in a few hours. Best squidding by far. That was at the end of October and we were still learning how to jig for those lil inkers... Anyone else gone out a Boat? Also - Edmons? anyone gone out to Edmonds lately?

221.dogslife4me2003 said on 10/17/16 - 11:06AM

@Squiddy: Thanks for the tip. Was that you out there last night then around 10:45 with your friend? I should have brought a crab pot with me. I'd have stuck around longer if had.

222.Squiddy said on 10/18/16 - 10:10AM

@dogslife4me: Actually I was there around 5 PM when we had high tide. Crabbing in Mukilteo is good only 1-1.5 hours before high tide until an hour after. Make sure check the tide schedule before you go.

223.Petzel said on 10/19/16 - 08:16AM

@Squiddy - how did you do Crabbing? My Pops and I went out to Edmonds last night, we saw a few get a few from 8-10. we only got a handful. The current was moving as well and it seemed you only had one or two pulls before your line was sideways :) - good times. Anyone else gone out to Edmonds lately?

224.Squiddy said on 10/19/16 - 12:13PM

@Petzel: I got limit on red rocks (actually had to throw back a few more), but none Dungeness, even though caught a few closed to legal size. How is squidding in Edmonds in the last few days?

225.Petzel said on 10/21/16 - 08:50AM

@Squiddy - Edmonds was hot last night. 7-9pm, got my first limit at the dock so that was fun, was even able to help out a couple folks that were not using squid candy jigs... they are now!!! All different sizes and every cast you had one if not doubles. fun times and Happy Inking everyone

226.PETZEL said on 10/22/16 - 10:37PM

Edmonds was good again tonight. Only went for an hour or so. Got about 5 lbs from 7-8. It was packed. Too many folks so we left. Plus the inkers were a bit small as well. Happy Inking!

227.mufasa said on 10/24/16 - 01:41AM

how is des moines doing

228.sonicsquid said on 10/24/16 - 09:04AM

Edmonds is on fire... limit last 5 nights

229.Squiddy said on 10/24/16 - 09:52AM

@Petzel: Thanks for info on Edmonds. I was there last Friday, got about over 5 lbs, then it's getting too crowded that I decided to go home early. People are throwing lines crossing each other. :(

230.sonicsquid said on 10/24/16 - 10:14AM

@squiddy - i hate edmonds. it's full of people with bad manners. ppl are so greedy for squid, they throw anyway they want and tangle. even if you tell them, they will do it anyways. the squids are everywhere and they just think the squids are in front of you because they can't catch and i can.

231.Petzel said on 10/24/16 - 10:56AM

@Sonic & Squiddy - I had to tell people where to throw their lines. they kept blaming the current... said that's why its even more important to throw the other way to let the lines drift in front of you. shocked on the manners and lack of fishing 101. Pops - fix your Boat :)

232.Squiddy said on 10/24/16 - 11:51AM

@Sonicsquid & Petzel: Totally agreed. That's why I usually leave if it's starting to get too crowded.

233.dogslife4me2003 said on 10/24/16 - 07:57PM

@Sonic & @ Squiddy, Great info. I was going to try Edmonds this week but I may pass based on this info. Is there another public pier (or a recommended spot) between Edmonds and Mukilteo? I had to run my kid down to Seattle Children's today. I stopped over at Doug's Boat and Tackle in Woodinville, they were nearly wiped clean of Squid Candy, but I did manage to finally pick some up! Hopefully I'll be on them up here on Whidbey now.

234.Petzel said on 10/25/16 - 07:53AM

@Dogs4Life - Is the Kid OK? Childrens Hospital is no joke

235.sonicsquid said on 10/25/16 - 08:38AM

@dogslife4me - hope ur kid is ok. i've done that couple of times and it's not fun. also, there isn't any fishing pier between those two points. edmonds was pretty decent early part of the evening. few netting limits but most ppl were anywhere between 7 to 2 pounds. the squids were pretty small or at least when i arrived late it was. i gave all my 50 away because it was small. but as usually, horrible fishermen/women out there. instead of throwing away from the current, they are throwing with the current. i had lines that look like x in front of me. people 4 or 5 to my right were throwing in front of me. i was in the darkness and for some reason, they think the squids were all front of me because i caught 50 in short amount of time. i got annoyed and gave the squids to ppl that didn't threw in front of me and left.

236.Dogslife4me2003 said on 10/25/16 - 09:59AM

@Pretzel & @Sonic, both of my kids are special needs and fortunately/unfortunately all of their specialist are at SCH. We are down at either main campus or the Bellevue campus at least twice a month. Fortunately, my job allows for this and give me the time off to get it done. Nothing to worry, this is our normal. I appreciate the concern, however. I'm finding it upsetting that I can't get much info on where to go, how to go, etc. People are very tight lipped about this stuff, with the caveat of this webpage. Frankly, it's frustrating and annoying. You ask somewhere where they go after posting a limit of squid and they give a canned "F*ck off" answer. Thank you for being helpful on here. I still have not caught one yet.

237.sonicsquid said on 10/25/16 - 10:13AM

@dog - fishing is always like that. it's part competition and pride. but for squiding, there are plunty for everyone imo when they are on the bite. i like squiding because you can kind of hang out with friends and people at the dock and socialize in between bites. so... get out there before sunset at edmonds. last 7 days or so... they have been biting at sunset to whenever.

238.Petzel said on 10/25/16 - 11:18AM

@Dogs - thanks for the update on the kids. Family is everything to me - good luck sir on getting the limit. I just got my first one from the dock and this is my second full year going for those inkers. its all a feel, once you find them. if you don't have it - get light light gear :) @Sonic - have you gone later at Edmonds recently? Wondering if the later high-tide would help at all and get less people on the dock

239.Rusty said on 10/25/16 - 11:25AM

@dogs - I am in a situation where family obligations limit the place and times where I go. Usually, I need to go after 11pm on weekdays. Very late in the evenings on weekdays is the best chance to avoid crowds. I never go on Friday or Saturday nights, due to crowds. If you stick to the standard spots for squidding, you will eventually get into them. Edmonds, Pier 86, downtown Seattle, Ballard Marina, and Seacrest are pretty much the only places in the Seattle area to go (if you don't want to drive further south). You can try out of the ordinary places like Mukilteo or Clinton, but your best bet is generally going to be where the crowd goes. Some nights the squidding is great. Sometimes (maybe even frequently), it is awful (less than a dozen squid). I just keep going and hope to have a good night. Good luck out there.

240.Dogslife4me2003 said on 10/25/16 - 11:47AM

@sonic - Perhaps, I've just never seen it this bad. I know folks that share salmon tips and tricks. I spent a lot of money on salmon tackle before I figured it out, and I'm not willing to do the same with squiding since the lures are almost twice as much, I'm not going to do what I did for salmon again. It cost too much and was frustrating. Even recently, one of the PSA chapter presidents gave me bad info for targeting kings and my cousin and I spent way more than we should have to have nothing all last year, I'm not willing to do the same again, more than I have now. Plus, if I have to drive two hours to a dock, that already makes it prohibitive. I don't need to know anything other than where a decent spot is to at least wet the whistle. I won't at all be frequenting it since clearly there are not many places up here in Oak Harbor. I just feel the resistance and reluctance with squidding is worse than other types of fishing that I have seen. My own observations.

241.sonicsquid said on 10/25/16 - 12:21PM

@dog - any fishing pier west side of the island? i know u can catch off kingston so i assume u can catch them on that side of the island if there is a place

242.sonicsquid said on 10/25/16 - 12:22PM

is there a dock near bush point?

243.Squiddy said on 10/25/16 - 12:32PM

@dog: Hope your kids are doing good. As other people have pointed out, Edmonds would be the closest location from yours to have squids.

244.Neuro109 said on 10/26/16 - 07:10AM

Has anyone tried squidding at Cornet Bay? I personally haven't gone squidding there but the smelt and herring fishing is pretty fantastic. @Dogs it doesn't look that far from you, it might be worth checking out?

245.Petzel said on 10/26/16 - 08:25AM

@Neuro - Dogs tried Cornet - they close their shop at dusk I believe. maybe before dusk on an incoming tide? The current there moves, not sure if those inkers want to deal with that... I have read that you can catch them off the shore as well. I would assume that would involve water proof lights though ;)

246.Dogslife4me2003 said on 10/26/16 - 11:17AM

I would call Cornet unusable due to the hours of operation and the current. Same with the Bowman's Bay pier, both are off limits after dark, however, it's possible that the current is not as bad. No public docks down on Bush's point. The one place I will check out later is the boat launch at Keystone (Coupeville Ferry area). I do not know if they have hours of operations either, one thing that the WDFW website should include. I will try to hit up Edmonds next week. Someone has said either here or on one of the other sites I'm lurking on that they are not likely good or there at the Mukilteo. I do want to try that out again, the lighting from the ferry dock was really bright, bait fish were very plentiful, the downfall being that the baitfish brought in the a-hole seals which contributed to my loss of lures.

247.PennCoveTerry said on 10/26/16 - 01:45PM

Dogs....I too live in the OH area. I have talked to several "in the know" folks and the general consensus is due the current issues the best chances of Squid are from Edmonds South. I was told by the park rangers that they will ticket you if you use the docks in the dark. That said it only leaves the OH city marina and to use that you may have to get clearance from the harbor master. Another spot you might consider would be the Langley Marina. From what I can gather Squid do not really like heavy current. A couple of years ago I heard of an old couple that tried the Coupeville pier but they never had much luck. I have been wanting to try this and I bought a submersible light off eBay and a jig at ACE. 2 years and I am still trying to find the time to go. I work at 5 am....I gotta sleep sometime. Good luck and keep us posted!

248.FishingFozzy said on 10/26/16 - 06:11PM

Hey there. First time inker. Gonna go try to find room on the dock here in a minute at Shilshole. Will consider it a success if I just learn a few things and leave empty handed! Thanks for all the information everyone! How come I never see any post about dip netting squid? Seems like a quick way to land a lot if they are in heavy, says the clueless new kid.

249.FishingFozzy said on 10/26/16 - 11:23PM

I got a 10 from 9 to 11 and probably missed just as many! Thank you everyone! Great reports! Used a bunch of squid candy jigs and it was the only thing they would touch out of our line up. It was so much fun. 4 other guys were on the dock battling the wind and rain as well and one was nice enough to come share his light with us. Squid people really are very nice on our first venture! So excited right now! The four of us all caught our first squid because of you folks! On cloud nine!

250.dogslife4me2003 said on 10/26/16 - 11:42PM

@FishingFozzy, welcome to the Thunderdome, and congrats! @PennCoverTerry, I was actually scoping out places tonight and of all the places, the OH Marina still seems best, the Coupeville ferry second. Keystone Ferry is a bust too, closes at dusk, and no lights. Pretty bummed. Driving 4 hours round trip for inkers seems pointless and not a very good return on money with the cost of gas and lures factored in. Based on all the tips, I've wasted my time and money here. This may be a failed venture and my last post. Very discouraged. Thank you all for the help. Next target species: crawfish/crayfish/crawdads/mudbugs.

251.dogslife4me2003 said on 10/26/16 - 11:49PM

****correction**** Coupeville Pier second best. The Coupeville ferry would not be good nor wise. The boat dock next to it (Keystone) is what I meant for the next sentence.

252.Grant4068 said on 10/27/16 - 08:51AM

Gonna try Steilacoom friday night, anyone been there the last couple weeks?

253.Pink Pole said on 10/27/16 - 09:13AM

Going to hit up Les Davis today. First time for this year!!!

254.Petzel said on 10/27/16 - 02:02PM

Went to Edmonds late last night 11-1:30... inkers were out but hard for me to catch with the wind. Walked out with a couple lbs. Should have had more Any input on windy nights? Don't go out? ;) heavier jigs?

255.sonicsquid said on 10/27/16 - 03:53PM

@petzel - it doesn't matter if it's windy. i've done it when it was 20+mph, when dropping a squid on in the bucket was a challenge. but, the key to doing it on windy day is to have heavier jigs. light jigs won't sink deep enough because the wind will pick up the line. also get them glow in the dark green lines. i hate it when ppl fish at night with clear lines. u can't see them when u throw.

256.Mark said on 10/27/16 - 09:11PM

I have been reading this forum for more then a month waiting for someone to comment on Les Davis Pier. Wanting to go out there this weekend and give it a shot. I will post the results I get. Thanks and I do enjoy reading your guys posts.

257.Pink Pole said on 10/28/16 - 08:25AM

Went to Les Davis last night. Very slow until about 5 pm. People and squid started showing up. Only stayed til 5:30 but left with a few large ones.

258.Squiddy said on 10/28/16 - 12:58PM

@Petzel: Went to Edmonds at the same time as you, and up to 1:45 AM got only 2 lbs. Then suddenly a big school came and I managed to get 3 more pounds in just 20 minutes. You should stayed a bit more. :)

259.PETZEL said on 10/28/16 - 05:31PM

Thanks for the info squiddy and Sonic. Love me some squid... Pink - good work at Les Davis. The inkers are out there!! @ Squiddy was it windy for you as well that night? Just curious if I am weak or was it truly windy. New line here I come!!! Glow in the dark line what!?!?!

260.Squiddy said on 10/29/16 - 10:08AM

@Petzel: Yes it was very windy, but it's still fun though.

261.FishingFozzy said on 10/30/16 - 01:03PM

Went to Shilshole last night from 9-1. Fishing was pretty slow... but still a good time maybe a dozen between me and a buddy.

262.NewbieSquiddie said on 10/30/16 - 07:52PM

Very slow @ Redondo 3am-7am, 20 squid.

263.sideburns said on 10/31/16 - 09:44PM

was also at redondo 3-7, must have been squiding right next to newbiesquiddie! My buddy (and his black lab) went home with our combined 12 squid. Very slow. Going to try again tonight with some freshly made pink jigs, even though the tides dont look great...

264.Petzel said on 11/1/16 - 09:55AM

@Newbie & Burns - thanks for the updates. Anyone hit up Edmonds lately? and Chinook opens up today I think. anyone going out for the derby this weekend? wondering if anyone has used a full squid trolling/jigging for salmon? I saw a couple you tube videos. most of them do the strips which make sense. looking for a full squid set up. preferably trolling! Thanks everyone

265.Grant4068 said on 11/1/16 - 11:28AM

Steilacoom was slow. Could see the squid swimming around and ignoring all the jigs. Saw a couple get caught, really small ones though.

266.Pink Pole said on 11/1/16 - 01:39PM

Headed to Les Davis in about an hour. Hopefully more than 2 will decide to go home with me. Anyone have any luck putting weight on the bottom instead of using weighted jigs?

267.sideburns said on 11/1/16 - 06:37PM

pink pole: weight on the bottom can be a good way to cast way out to where the squid are and keep it in the zone longer. From my experience at redondo and des moines, unless absolutely necessary, it doesnt work nearly as well as just jigs.

268.Petzel said on 11/2/16 - 09:17AM

I am not a fan of the weight, I would recommend just a bigger squid candy jig... but that's just me and I am still a rookie. Went out last night at Edmonds, slow (handful) from 10-1ish. wanted to stay out later for the tide to come in but eyes said nope. anyone else have luck at Edmonds lately? It was hot last week+

269.osv1004 said on 11/3/16 - 12:38AM

So I'm a newbie but managed to catch 5 total squid so far.. lol.. Finally got the hang of it when I pull in 3 in quick succession when a big school came in. Now what I'm trying to figure out is how do you know what depth to hold it in? Once I cast it out, the lure starts to sink and to maintain the depth, I have to jig and reel it in before it sinks too much right? Or am I getting this part wrong?

270.Petzel said on 11/3/16 - 08:00AM

@OSV - this is my second full year and I am still learning the 'sweet' spot once you know that those inkers are out there. it comes down to a feel. also most spin reels will have a "line catcher" - that's what I call it... you can use that as well if you know where they are biting. I would mark the spot and use the line catcher if you don't have the feel yet ;) - Time and Patience would be my two best mental words. Light pole/line/gear and different color/size squid candy jigs would be my tackle words - I would stay away from swivels and weights but that's me and being a Noob still. Happy Squidding Everyone!!! @ Light Sitters -- Please know/understand when sharing lights where the current/wind pushes your line, keep your line in front of you and you are good - no crossing lines!!! :)

271.Pink Pole said on 11/3/16 - 08:12AM

Thanks for the info Petzel and Sideburns. I have not tried the weight yet. I did not see any thing caught in the short time that i was there. Going tonight.

272.Squiddy said on 11/3/16 - 10:34AM

@osv1004: if you click on Equipment link from the top this website, there are instructions on how to find the depth where the squids are. If you follows those instructions closely, you will catch a lot more. Good luck!

273.cc said on 11/5/16 - 12:53AM

Edmonds has been hot...combat squidding! A good technique is to cast out when people on your rail are jigging at the dock...when they cast out your rig will be near or at the dock. You can squid really well this way when there are so many people on the rail. Even when the squid are schooling, you'll find them at all levels. I spent an hour and a half and came home with over 25...nothing compared to some people down there! I use a single jig, some people were using doubles. I haven't seen many triples or quads. Most jigs are weighted. I don't use any additional weight with my single jig and do just fine. Make sure you put a glo cork on your line. That will help your line be more visible and hopefully people wont tangle when they cast out. Good Luck !

274.Jc said on 11/5/16 - 10:14AM

Anyone go in bremerton or kitsap areas?

275.sideburns said on 11/6/16 - 08:36PM

only caught 6 in 2 hours last night at redondo.

276.sonicsquid said on 11/7/16 - 05:32PM

edmonds' has been pretty good.

277.TacomaGuy said on 11/7/16 - 06:15PM

Saw a good constant amount of squid caught off Steilacoom ferry dock from 7pm thru 3am but space is at a premium. This however can be a good thing if you don't have your own lights. Last week Les Davis pier seemed to be more hit and miss although there seemed to be two or three guys pulling a disproportionate amount. I wonder if this is due to method or jig color? Can anyone suggest a place near Tacoma/Lakewood besides these two docks that is hot right now?

278.Kent said on 11/8/16 - 08:57AM

I'm new here...can you guys tell me specifically where in Edmunds?...and any places to near kent/renton area?...please be specific, i'm new to this area.

279.sonicsquid said on 11/8/16 - 09:17AM

@kent - edmonds pier. if you google it, it will tell you where to go. also, if you are in kent, des moines is closest at exit 147.

280.Kent said on 11/8/16 - 09:26AM

@sonicsquid, Thank you!

281.Pink pole said on 11/8/16 - 07:42PM

Was at Les Davis from 3 to 6 Pm. Finally was able to bring enough home to eat and freeze for later. I have no way of weighing them but I can count�� 17. All good size with a few jumbo!!

282.SquidCandy Squid Jigs said on 11/9/16 - 08:29AM

We just sent a new shipment of our jigs to our new partner at Dougs Boats! They should arrive by Friday so hurry over to get your favorite colors!!

283.Petzel said on 11/9/16 - 11:33AM

@SquidCandy - Thank you for the jigs and getting them at stores! keep it up! - great jigs and people always ask where I get my jigs and if I make them myself.. I LOL - tell them to get Squid Candy Jigs! @Sonic - when are you hitting Edmonds? I went last Saturday AM (4am) to get some for the Derby. walked away with about 20 in an hour. Shocked on the amount of folks still at the Pier. Was thinking of going out tonight or tomorrow on the incoming tide (12amish) Happy Inking everyone!

284.Dogslife4me2003 said on 11/9/16 - 09:09PM

I'm planning on getting down to Edmonds at 4am tomorrow. This may be the only trip this year. I know they are there, so I will hopefully get a spot! Can you catch any from the shore-facing side of the pier, or only the sound side? I ask because it seems like everyone is on the sound side.

285.Squiddy said on 11/10/16 - 09:45AM

@Dogslife4me2003: Yes you can catch from the shore-facing side, but it's not going to be as good as sound-facing. However, occasionally I made some really good catch from that side as well. Since you're not here very often, you should try where it may have the most. Look around where people are catching to have a reference. By the way, Edmonds is still really good on high tide, almost at any spot.

286.Petzel said on 11/10/16 - 12:27PM

@Squiddy & Dogs - went to Edmonds last night from 11:30pm-1:30am - try to hit the tide change. It was hot before 12:30 (High-tide)... came home with a few (4/5)lbs.. Plus some really jumbo ones as well. I won't go during the weekend but like Squiddy said - looks to be good on incoming high tide for Edmonds. Also the checkers were out last night - shocking on how many folks left when they showed up. Makes sure to have your license everyone!

287.Squiddy said on 11/10/16 - 12:54PM

@Petzel: Was there at the same time as you as well. Seeing someone got the bucket taken away because of trying to get more than the limit. Everyone please make sure you have license and don't be too greedy. It's fun to do this, but it's not worth to take more than the what we legally can.

288.Bob said on 11/12/16 - 03:27PM

it cost $250 for each pound over the limit.one guy in Seattle got a $5000 fine.

289.Bob said on 11/12/16 - 03:59PM

city of Edmond was at the pier last night.said if people do not start pinking up there trash.there going to close the pier at night

290.Ray said on 11/13/16 - 09:25AM

Lets get some reports from the Les Davis Pier in Tacoma.

291.Ronaldius said on 11/13/16 - 11:07AM

Was at les Davis last night from 2:30 to 4a.m. Didn't catch anything but the squid that were getting caught were jumbos

292.cc said on 11/13/16 - 11:15PM

I tried Edmonds again tonight. A couple of seals and those damn birds kept it quiet..I only came home with a half dozen (sounds more than saying 6) lol. And WDFW was checking licenses and City of Edmonds was picking up garbage. PLEASE pick up your trash...that's a respectful and responsible thing to do. The Sound doesn't need anymore garbage.

293.Bob said on 11/14/16 - 07:12AM

please tell everyone to pick up there trash or the city of Edmond's will close the pier for squiding at night. to much trash all over the pier coffee cups - food bags.City of Edmond's has been there 3 nights in a row .Soon they will lock the gate at night.And no more squiding at edmonds pier

294.dickey said on 11/14/16 - 07:47AM

saw seal pup(s?) at les davis

295.Petzel said on 11/14/16 - 10:14AM

@EDMONDS!!!! - I noticed that as well Bob and CC, plus the smokers that throw their butts in the water. Had to tell a couple fools to stop doing that. COME ON PEOPLE! Keep it clean and respectful or we will all suffer.

296.fishhunter said on 11/14/16 - 07:11PM

Does anyone have any advice on squidding from a boat? I was thinking of heading out of Everett but I am flexible. Any good areas or depths?? Thank you in advance.

297.Petzel said on 11/15/16 - 10:30AM

@Fish Hunter - go at least south of Mukilteo where the water clears up from the River, My Pops and I go on his boat to Browns Bay and do very well there if the wind is coming from the South. Anchor in about 30ft and enjoy. I did go to Edmonds last night from 10:30-1:30, the tide started to come in and squid picked up but still pretty slow for me. they were out there at the bottom though... please pick up trash if you see it and tell other to stop throwing Cigs in the water or on the Pier! COME ON PEOPLE! keep it clean so my kids can go out on the Sound as well

298.Carly said on 11/15/16 - 10:41AM

@seattle piers 57/58. Caught my limit last night in two hours, between 10:30-12:30. Pouring down rain. The seals showed just as I was finishing but the squid were were still biting a little. It was truly a massacre there for a while, most people caught limit quickly and left.

299.jay said on 11/15/16 - 07:08PM

Anyone know if des moines or redondo is hitting?

300.jay said on 11/15/16 - 07:11PM

Also, i'm thinking about making some jigs. does anyone know a good way to glue 2 bullet sinkers together?

301.sideburns said on 11/15/16 - 10:16PM

I am going to try just after low tide tonight at redondo. use a wire shaft to string your jig parts/weights tight together. you can use epoxy between weights if you want, but the wire shaft is the key!

302.Ray said on 11/16/16 - 03:29PM

Hey has to be somebody going to Les Davis to squid. How about sharing what you got or didn't get?

303.Ronaldius said on 11/16/16 - 06:23PM

@ray. Went To les Davis Sunday for the high tide around 3:00 and caught nothing. I didn't see anyone else catch anything either. Stayed for about an hour before I threw in the towel.

304.sonicsquid said on 11/17/16 - 09:11AM

ppl were limiting out in edmonds and leaving early last night.

305.sideburns said on 11/17/16 - 10:20PM

caught 7 lbs at redondo the other night. 2-7 am Was pretty slow though. Some people on the dock said it was better at Les Davis earlier in the evening.

306.TC said on 11/18/16 - 08:03AM

At the Wheel last night. Squids come in around 11:15. Hit the limit 20 minutes after that. They are huge.

307.sonicsquid said on 11/18/16 - 09:59AM

@TC - nice. it's been a great week or three. limiting out every night pretty much anywhere. one bad thing is sometimes it only takes 30mins after arriving the dock and have to go home and watch tv.

308.AZN said on 11/19/16 - 02:07AM

No squid tonight at seacrest. Most went home by 8:30 pm coming back in early morning. It's been two days like this.

309.Ronaldius said on 11/20/16 - 08:10AM

Caught about 5 lbs in Des Moines last night from about 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.

310.Ray said on 11/20/16 - 09:33AM

Ronald, thanks for the update. Were they average size or bigger?

311.Ronaldius said on 11/20/16 - 10:55AM

@ray. They were jumbos. 32 squid=5lbs

312.Petzel said on 11/22/16 - 07:28AM

@Sonic 0r anyone else going to Edmonds recently? saw the 17th was hot, wondering if anyone has gone out last two days or so? FYI - No Squid in Leavenworth :) Wife and I have been over there the last week, but that Wenatchee River does look like it could produce some good trout/steelhead though :) Edmonds recently anyone?

313.sonicsquid said on 11/22/16 - 08:54AM

@pretzel - edmonds was hot early evening last night. from 5 to 7. plenty of ppl left with 10lbs. i left at 7 so i don't know how good it was afterwards. go early.

314.Petzel said on 11/22/16 - 10:45AM

@Sonic - Thanks for the heads up, was it pretty crowded as well?

315.sonicsquid said on 11/22/16 - 01:01PM

@pretzel, it was crowded but not like it used to be. there were plenty of places to squid.

316.Petzel said on 11/22/16 - 02:13PM

@Sonic - nice to hear. @ All - Don't forget everyone to pick up after yourself on the docks/pier, but also pick up after those that are clueless. It will only help in the long run, some folks will never learn and we need to pick up where we can... Happy Squidding everyone!

317.mattluurocks said on 11/23/16 - 02:13AM

any good places around west seattle to do squidding from a boat?

318.Petzel said on 11/23/16 - 07:18AM

@Matt-Rocks - I would bet anywhere right now would be great. My Pops use a boat up in the Edmonds area and as long as the squid are out there, the boat is the best place - IMO... Good luck and keep us posted.

319.sideburns said on 11/23/16 - 06:44PM

Always wanted to try from my boat. Ive got lots of lights and batteries. I've just been to paranoid to navigate the sound in the dark i guess. Are there good boat launches in the south sound that are open after dark?

320.djibouti said on 11/25/16 - 01:03AM

Was at Des Moines the past two nights, got nothing. So slow.

321.london said on 11/26/16 - 07:13PM

Has anyone had luck lately at Les Davis?

322.sideburns said on 11/27/16 - 12:53AM

Rumor has it, that des moines has been slow. caught limit of jumbo's last night at redondo though

323.PETZEL said on 11/28/16 - 02:43AM

Edmonds was hot from 11-1 tonight/last night. Got the limit plus handing out inkers to those that needed;) Lame that the dock is closed until Friday the 2nd... but maybe open after hours? Check the Edmonds city website... and/or their Facebook page for updates. Goodluck the inkers r ready. Huge!!!!

324.Squiddy said on 11/28/16 - 09:45AM

Petzel is correct. Was there at Edmonds last night around midnight, and got the limit in just over an hour. However, please do not go there until this Saturday. They are closed for final repair from today thru Friday 12/2.

325.Squid Candy Squid Jigs said on 11/28/16 - 11:10AM

We have two new colors of #010 "Squid Candy" Model. Yellow / green…. Pink / Yellow They will be at Dougs Boats wed/thur this week (limited quantities)..... Happy Squidding!!

326.Petzel said on 11/28/16 - 04:05PM

@Squid Candy - do you know if Dougs has the glow in the dark line? I know, I can look it up as well :) Happy Inking Everyone!!! I need to pick up some new jigs.

327.sideburns said on 11/28/16 - 07:18PM

Squid Candy, where can I find pictures or info on your jigs? Ive searched the web multiple times. Thanks

328.Petzel said on 11/29/16 - 08:04AM

@Sideburns - I believe the online site is not active anymore and they are sold at a few stores. I am hitting up Dougs Boathouse today. their website is not the friendliest so we will see what they have in person. I did find this link that shows one. this also has some good general info as well. http://www.bdoutdoors.com/washington-squid-fishing/

329.Squid Candy said on 11/29/16 - 08:13AM

We are currently rebuilding the website Squid Candy.com. Until then here is a small article http://www.bdoutdoors.com/washington-squid-fishing/ which has one of my pictures of a #010 "Squid Candy" jig. We will be offering online sales once again next season for those of you that can't make it to our partner stores because of distance. The prices will be the same as the store prices. Thanks for all of your support squidders!!

330.Petzel said on 11/29/16 - 12:37PM

Dougs boats have a decent selection, but their larger jigs are limited. Also picked up some high visibility (glow-n-dark) fishing line. the lowest they had was 8lbs. Anyone squid with 8lbs test line?

331.sonicsquid said on 11/29/16 - 02:48PM

@pretzel - 8lbs is fine. it's a perference thing, but 6 to 12 is good range. i've seen ppl use 50lbs line too. most ppl use 10lbs. u can get the green glow lines at most places like walmart, etc ...

332.Petzel said on 11/30/16 - 07:23AM

@Sonic - Thanks for the info on the line. I did have to go out last night and test it out. looks visible. Odd that its yellow but in the lights it looks green. That was the best part of the night at Edmonds, way slow. I saw seals getting more inkers then I had. 11pm-1am no good at Edmonds last night. It could have picked up after I left, the inkers started to come in, but those seals were everywhere

333.SquidCandy said on 11/30/16 - 09:32AM

We have some larger jigs on the way to Dougs boats.....

334.sideburns said on 11/30/16 - 03:16PM

tried redondo just before light today, Slow. Seals there too.

335.mufasa said on 11/30/16 - 05:46PM

Been slow at Des Moines and Redondo. Or maybe I just come at the wrong time, every time. Haha!

336.Hyogo Hammer said on 12/1/16 - 10:34AM

Hey all - I'm new to this community and to squid jigging so just want to start by saying thanks for all of the great information. I'm going to go squid jigging today for the first time. I'm thinking of going to Seacrest Park. What are your thoughts on that location? Thanks!

337.Petzel said on 12/1/16 - 11:33AM

@Hyogo - I am still new as well and usually go to Edmonds Pier as I am located up North. I have gone to Seacrest earlier in the year, Its a great view and if the squid are there, its a great spot. No gas generators allowed though and it closed at 11 (or 11:30) Good luck they are out there!

338.Hyogo Hammer said on 12/1/16 - 02:12PM

@Petzel - Got it. Good to know. I'll let you all know how it goes! Thanks!

339.Hyogo Hammer said on 12/2/16 - 01:16PM

Went out yesterday to SeaCrest park and in about 4.5 hours I came away with 11 squid or so. A lot of folks were catching more than I was but I left about 7pm and I expected it to get better after that.

340.PETZEL said on 12/3/16 - 02:10PM

Nice work @ hyogo. There is always someone catching more :) Anyone been out to edmonds lately? Tides r not pretty for my times to go

341.Mufasa said on 12/4/16 - 03:22AM

When are the best tides?

342.Petzel said on 12/4/16 - 11:10AM

@Mufasa - I like incoming on a high tide, but I have seen them at all tides. - All - are we getting down to the end of the season? I looked back at the years and looks like Dec it starts to slow down, a lot :) Happy Squidding everyone!

343.sonicsquid said on 12/5/16 - 09:21AM

it's been slow for a bit... is this the end? and it's cold. at least it's not crowded, lol.

344.Petzel said on 12/5/16 - 11:17AM

@Sonic - if its slow for you then it must be over... or at least getting down to it. Anyone hit up Edmonds lately?

345.Squiddy said on 12/5/16 - 11:29AM

@Pezel: Spent like 4 hours late Friday night, got only 10 squids. Yes it is very slow at Edmonds, but Seattle is still good. I have friends squidding in Alki, and they always got their limits last week.

346.Petzel said on 12/5/16 - 12:23PM

@Squiddy - Thanks for the update... might have to hit up Alki one more time before the season ends. its where I started the year, so sorta fitting. Happy Inking for those that are still out there... Also for those that haven't teke a look at Tiny House on the Road - its a very cool.

347.Petzel said on 12/5/16 - 12:23PM

@Squiddy - Thanks for the update... might have to hit up Alki one more time before the season ends. its where I started the year, so sorta fitting. Happy Inking for those that are still out there... Also for those that haven't teke a look at Tiny House on the Road - its a very cool.

348.sonicsquid said on 12/5/16 - 03:46PM

@pretzel - edmonds is pretty empty these days. even crabbers are not showing up much. downtowns been pretty quiet too. haven't check alki. but going out to catch 17 squids in the cold is very discouraging these days.

349.SquidCandy said on 12/5/16 - 07:55PM

Seen many a season where there was a quiet time around the beginning of December and then the squid hit again.... Hopefully!!

350.sonicsquid said on 12/5/16 - 10:18PM

@squidcaddy - ur correct. last year, it was quiet for 2 to 3 weeks then more came. but not as much but enough to limit many times. also, i've caught limits last march few times. so, they are all year around. however, these squids are skinnier and less juicy.

351.SquidCandy Squid Jigs said on 12/6/16 - 05:17PM

We now have 5 entries in the Squid Jig giveaway! Pretty good odds I would say!

352.SquidCandy Squid Jigs said on 12/6/16 - 05:27PM

Actually we have two drawings going on.... The blog contributors contest and the Jig give a way for following us at tinyhouseontheroad.com good luck!!

353.Squid Candy squid jigs said on 12/6/16 - 05:31PM

Remember if you have been a blog contributor (Catch reports page) send me a e-mail to squidfishingwa.com@gmail.com with your handle and your e mail address by 1/10/2017 to be entered.

354.sonicsquid said on 12/7/16 - 08:19AM

another sad night. caught 2 squids in 2.5 hrs last night. then, it came and caught 5 more in 30 mins, lol. all this action while freezing my butt off. then, gave my sad 7 squids away and went home to sleep.

355.Petzel said on 12/7/16 - 10:00AM

@Squid Candy - Thanks for the stories/updates as well on that site. Going there next :) @Sonic - was it Edmonds? I was there as well from 5:30-7:30ish - very sad. I think I might have seen one caught. and with the small handful of inkers out there, they still managed to cross lines with that wind last night. COME ON PEOPLE! cast one way :)

356.calamariking said on 12/7/16 - 10:27AM

I went to Des Moines last night around 5:30 and squid fishing was great. I got my limit in about 1.5 hours. Best day of the season for me.

357.Petzel said on 12/7/16 - 11:38AM

@Calamari - Sounds like down south is still hot. My buddy went to pier 69ish (The Wheel?)and got his limit a few nights ago. He even made a comment that it seems like its been better at low tide vs high tide. Good Times, hope those squid come back north! :) - its my best year as I am finally in my first full season. still learning each time I go out though.

358.ink squad said on 12/8/16 - 12:33PM

Pier 56 was slow for the last 2 nights (5pm-7pm). I've seen only 4-5 people including seals hoping to catch some.

359.sonicsquid said on 12/9/16 - 08:09AM

@pretzel - pier 69 is not the wheel. pier 69 is very small. the wheel was good for awhile but it's been slow last few days.

360.PETZEL said on 12/10/16 - 08:39AM

@Sonic - yeah not sure what numbers for piers. Why i like Edmonds. Just one. Simple sally for me.. speaking of Edmonds, any inker catchers out thefe thatz not named after a seal?

361.inky said on 12/10/16 - 09:55AM

Was at des Moines Wed night and at alki this Sat morning. Slow at both places so not sure if the low temp is reason. But on bright side, crowd starting is starting to thin out.

362.Squishing said on 12/10/16 - 11:19AM

First time squidder, long time fisherman. I live in Duvall, so I expect I can go pretty much anywhere-Seattle probably being closest. Any suggestions on where/when to go out for my firs time next week? Not looking for guarantees, just best bets. Have read/YouTube'd and have my 9' lightweight spinner, a handful of Squid Candy jigs ready and a couple rigged up. Just need a recommendation for the next week- location, tide, etc- thank you to all- great info on the forum!

363.seacast said on 12/11/16 - 10:42AM

Hi Squishing - not sure where the squid are these days. I've always had good luck at Edmonds, but if the wind is up, Edmonds get hammered. Go to any pier, aim your light and start jigging. If you don't have a light, fish the perimeter beam of someone who does have a genset/light...The squidding crowd is great, everyone shares even when its elbow to elbow on the rail. Make sure you have your license...I've been checked a few times by WDFW Officers. I'm glad they're out, I've had some fun conversations with them. Good luck and post a report when youre done!!

364.PW said on 12/11/16 - 09:49PM

Seacrest (Alki) is still doing well. We caught 21 total this Saturday from about 5-8pm. There was a good sized crowd, but still enough room for everyone, and people were friendly.

365.Petzel said on 12/12/16 - 10:25AM

@Squish - good luck, it sounds like you have done your homework. I would suggest no swivels as well or if you do, use small/light gear. I have also liked incoming high-tide, but folks have said low tide have been better this year, really up to those inkers. good luck @Anyone @ Edmonds lately? Was hoping to get out on last time before the season fades away. anyone gone out to Edmonds lately?

366.Squiddy said on 12/12/16 - 10:42AM

@Petzel: Went to Edmonds last night from 10 PM thru midnight, and caught only a few squids. Very slow. I hope the squids will come back soon.

367.sonicsquid said on 12/12/16 - 11:27AM

edmonds is mostly empty, very few ppl squiding. seattle downtown is still packed. got limits last wednesday, thursday in short period of time. so i think it's still around. they might be spawning and dying but still some. better than none.

368.Squishing said on 12/12/16 - 12:37PM

Hey Sonicsquid, where is it packed in Seattle- can you tell me the pier, time of day/eve? I'd love to come out and hang out to watch and see how it's done.

369.sonicsquid said on 12/13/16 - 09:33AM

@squishing - if you by the ferris wheel, there are a lot of ppl there. the pier 69 is crowded because it's small.

370.Owen said on 12/13/16 - 07:02PM

Any good squid fishing down south around Olympia? I have a boat to get out if needed.

371.Squishing said on 12/14/16 - 08:04AM

Awesome- thanks Sonicsquid. I was thinking Pier 69 or even Elliott Bay pier (huge, but only open 7am-11pm). What time of day is best for pier 69? There are high tides during the day, are those good times to fish, or should I go when its dark, with a light?

372.Squiddy said on 12/14/16 - 02:12PM

Edmonds, again, was very slow last night. Anyone catching at other locations?

373.inkstain said on 12/14/16 - 02:37PM

about 4lbs. wait for while then big school shows up @ les davies. green glow and pink glow.

374.red said on 12/14/16 - 06:57PM

anyone been to Edmonds I haven't been down for over 3 weeks. Had to much work to do. Been working on a new jig it is done need to go and try it out.

375.Petzel said on 12/15/16 - 06:40AM

@Red - Squiddy posted above that its been slow at Edmonds for awhile it looks like. I also haven't gone in a couple weeks. Come back INKERS! Come back NORTH! :)

376.Squishing said on 12/15/16 - 08:35AM

REPORT: I drove from Duvall to Seattle, went to Pier 69 at 5:30 this morning. Not a sole there. Guy across from me at Pier 70 had a halogen lamp plugged in to a maintenance room- he was the maintenance supervisor, told me that pier was "private". He had about a dozen. I got squat after 1.5 hrs. High tide was at 6:21. HELP: Questions for you guys- what time do I go out? Do I need a light to attract them? Can you do this in the daytime? Would appreciate any guidance on what time and where to go over next week or so. Thanks

377.sonicsquid said on 12/15/16 - 10:52AM

@squishing - your best bet is to go downtown seattle. it's deeper water, and squids mate and lay eggs there. so, usually they go there the most. since the water is deeper, it doesn't really matter on the tide. go to the ferris wheel (forgot pier number), or pier 69 (smaller). best time imo is just before sunset, they tend to feed then. but i have seen them being caught during the days as well but lower chances. for higher chances, go at darkness and attract them with lights.

378.Squishing said on 12/15/16 - 11:19AM

Thanks Sonicsquid. I'll head back out this afternoon to the Wheel- looks like Pier 58. The Waterfront Park is there. BTW sunset is right in line with high tide tonight. Can you help me with the light thing- what to bring? I don't imagine there will be any place to plug in, so does it need to be portable? What about the submersible green LED lights powered by a marine battery that I see online?

379.sonicsquid said on 12/15/16 - 12:18PM

@squishing - don't do the submersible green light. i've seen them many times and never seen them work. only time i've seen them work is when the dock is flooded with squid. matter of fact, i think the squid run away from them in puget sound. so, you need to get a generator or a battery with a light.

380.dickey said on 12/16/16 - 09:36AM

Anyone tried Les Davis?

381.Eight Arms to Hold You said on 12/16/16 - 04:43PM

Hey dickie, I tried les Miles Sat, Dec 3rd from 7PM to a little past midnight. Between me and a friend, caught one and got soaked to the bones in the rain. No one on the dock was doing terribly well and a few folks seemed to leave empty handed. High tide that night was supposed to be around 3AM, so I missed the peak hours, but couldn't handle the cold any longer.

382.Petzel said on 12/19/16 - 08:41AM

@squish - sonic is correct, I have two green underwater LED lights and they do attract bait fish, the squid seem to shy away from them. I do use them behind me or down from the dock if I need to get bait around me, but I don't use them when the squid are in, I will actually turn them off once they start to hit/bite. @All - Anyone trying Edmonds lately? still slow? Don't forget to hit that Tiny Home site that Neil posted. cool stories

383.Petzel said on 12/19/16 - 08:41AM

@squish - sonic is correct, I have two green underwater LED lights and they do attract bait fish, the squid seem to shy away from them. I do use them behind me or down from the dock if I need to get bait around me, but I don't use them when the squid are in, I will actually turn them off once they start to hit/bite. @All - Anyone trying Edmonds lately? still slow? Don't forget to hit that Tiny Home site that Neil posted. cool stories

384.Joe salmon said on 12/19/16 - 07:17PM

Hey guys new to squidding. Anyone fish the bremerton port orchard area this time of year? I am in port angeles and have gone out twice without success. Seems the squid come through here during july. Any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you

385.Squishing said on 12/20/16 - 08:44AM

12/15- sorry so late- took @sonicsquid's advice and went to the Farris Wheel- Waterfront Park between the Aquarium and the Wheel- just before sunset. One other guy there, we both caught a dozen in about 45 mins, then nothing when it got dark. Green jigs seemed to work better than pink or white. Got two on one large green Squid Candy. We had no lights, so I will go back and try again with a halogen. Great evening- sunset, Wheel lit up, squid in the bucket! Made great calamari for dinner. Thanks!

386.DeafPapa85 said on 12/21/16 - 09:26AM

Tried Brownsville/Bainbridge Island marina last night, probably a little too late bearing the tide was slightly low but not bad. Maybe an hour of fishing. Had some luck in the past but others have been seen catching the size of a childs leg year before. Hopefully go another night soon. Lots of baitfish were in the water plus jellyfish. Wonder if this was a clue.

387.Lone Squidder said on 12/22/16 - 08:44AM

New to the forum and squid around Dash point, Des Moniies, and Redondo. I would like to try up North around seattle Big wheel that i've heard about so much. How has it been lateiy up there?

388.calamariking said on 12/22/16 - 09:47AM

Has anyone had luck recently in Tacoma? I am going to try it out tonight. I tried it a couple weeks ago with a total of 4 squid in two separate outings.

389.sideburns said on 12/22/16 - 08:21PM

Les Davis was horribly slow last night. Some left with nothing. I got about 1 pound in 2 1/2 hours.

390.sideburns said on 12/22/16 - 08:22PM

redondo has been equally slow

391.Color said on 12/22/16 - 10:09PM

Has anyone catch any thing on pier 69 about to go their tomorrow

392.Squidmark said on 12/23/16 - 10:23AM

Great fishing at the Wheel on 12/21 from 8pm to midnight. Elbow to elbow with halogen lights powered by generators. My first time squid jigging. I caught 15. The experts I'm sure were limiting. Can you catch squid near Anacortes?