1.   Pat said on 7/6/15 - 08:07PM   

Been seeing squid at Edmonds since late May. Most are small. My friend's generator broke so we couldn't fish them. I hear Des Moines are catching them like crazy lately! Get them before the Pinks do!  

2.   Pat said on 8/28/15 - 02:05PM   

LIMITS LIMITS LIMITS!!!!! Pinks are NOT eating squid this year! Lots to spawn. Following year should be EXCELLENT!!!!!  

3.   Petzel said on 9/15/15 - 09:20AM   

Anyone gone out lately? was thinking of hitting up Edmonds but no lights, wondering what the Squid Laws are trying to piggy pack on someone elses light :)  

4.   Petzel said on 9/16/15 - 08:33AM   

went to Edmonds last night. we sat next to a nice group that shared their light/space. he caught two in two hours 8-10pm... any luck with anyone else?  

5.   FlipSyde said on 9/16/15 - 04:17PM   

I live near Des Moines & Redondo Piers. I remember Squidders saying between Labor Day & Valentine's is the true squidding season. I'll try to hit those 2 piers I the next week & post a report. Good luck & fill those buckets!  

6.   Pat said on 9/17/15 - 01:55PM   

I was in Downtown last week, got a limit one day and 1 pound the next. It got 'Slow' but they are out there. I was at Shilshole and got 3 pounds. Heard they day before was good! one guy I know got 7 pounds in 50 minutes.  

7.   Petzel said on 9/18/15 - 09:50AM   

went last night back to Edmonds - I didn't catch any but saw a little bit more caught later at night when I started to leave (about midnight)- second time out... I will get one!  

8.   Petzel said on 9/22/15 - 10:56AM   

Anyone go out recently?  

9.   Mr Upsetter said on 9/22/15 - 04:39PM   

I try a squid jig almost every night if there are some lights around. (The silly Washington regulations forbid the use of lights but I guess other people's lights don't count?) Lately tried Gig Harbor, Eagle Harbor (Winslow), Salmon Bay, Hunter Bay (Lopez Island), and Friday Harbor (San Juan Island). Not a hit at any place yet. I usually catch squid in the South Sound (Area 13) during August. Hope to try that area in the next few days as we travel through. I usually have the best fishing with the plain white jigs you can find in most stores. I have quite a variety of colors and weights. Does anyone have any comments on best colors? Has anyone seen any Humbolts this year?  

10.   Mr Upsetter said on 9/22/15 - 05:05PM   

Another comment. I have been fishing for squid for a long time. I want to ention that I have probably caught more squid during the day than at night. At night, the shore lights attract squid. But squid are always around and will hit a jig if they see one. If you're in a likely area, give it a try any time of day. As with all fishing, an incoming tide seems to be better.  

11.   Pat said on 9/25/15 - 10:27AM   

Since when did Washington state outlaw lights for fishing? Under WDFW it is legal to use lights for squidding  

12.   Mitch said on 9/26/15 - 09:33AM   

I fished the Edmonds pier last night from about 9pm to 10pm and got one. It looked like something was chasing the quid and they kept surfacing but weren't hitting the jig.  

13.   Petzel said on 9/27/15 - 07:35AM   

Interesting comment on the lights Mr Up... I will have to research that code/law. I have not been out but with the weather getting colder I have read that the squid come :) - so hopefully we start seeing more. My Dad has a boat and we will see what happens during the day. good call.  

14.   FlipSyde said on 10/5/15 - 07:18AM   

I checked out the Des Moines & Redondo piers last night around midnight. The Des Moines pier parking lot was blocks off (both entrances) between 10pm-5am so I wasn't able to check any squid action out there. Redondo had about 20 squidders & I could see squid being pulled up as I walked onto the pier. I stayed about 5 minutes & saw a decent amount of squid caught.  

15.   Porzok said on 10/7/15 - 09:30PM   

Is there a good spot to catch squid up near Bellingham? Never caught squid before and I would prefer to not have to travel for an hour. Also if you have any good tips for a newbie, please let me know.  

16.   Brian squid said on 10/9/15 - 01:31PM   

Thinking about heading up to Edmonds tonight, anybody have a report from there or anywhere else. Thanks  

17.   Mitch said on 10/10/15 - 10:25AM   

I jigged the Edmonds pier last night from 9-11 and picked up 8 decent sized squid. Most people seemed to be doing better than I was so they are definitely here.  

18.   Brian squid said on 10/10/15 - 04:23PM   

Great thanks. We will be there tonight! We Drove all the way up from portland. Sounds like it will be great. I'll give a report to you guys tomorrow  

19.   Petzel said on 10/12/15 - 02:00PM   

Heard Edmonds was doing well recently? anybody confirm? We are going out overnight on a boat to see how that works... during the day didn't work - but we were focusing on Coho. Let us know if Edmonds is hot :)  

20.   Brian squid said on 10/12/15 - 04:19PM   

Went to Edmonds Saturday. Dad and I combined for 34 pretty nice squid in a few hours. Everybody around us double or tripled that by themselves. I'd say it's fairly hot. Anybody know what factors could have accounted for not catching as many as the people around us?  

21.   Petzel said on 10/15/15 - 11:45AM   

Pops and I went out on the boat and the squid were all over the boat but nothing going for our lures... @ Brian - I think it could be size of lure. We are going to try smaller ones and see if that works. Heading to Edmonds soon as the little inkers are in! :)  

22.   Petzel said on 10/15/15 - 11:46AM   

Pops and I went out on the boat and the squid were all over the boat but nothing going for our lures... @ Brian - I think it could be size of lure. We are going to try smaller ones and see if that works. Heading to Edmonds soon as the little inkers are in! :)  

23.   Petzel said on 10/16/15 - 01:11PM   

wow - Edmonds was packed last night and squid all over. I finally got my first squid! - lesson learned - use light tackle/gear.  

24.   Brian squid said on 10/16/15 - 06:34PM   

Nice! Did you use smaller jigs? If so how'd they work. Hope to get up there soon. Looks like it'll be a good season  

25.   Squidcandy said on 10/18/15 - 07:39AM   

For a smaller jig try the SquidCandy custom jig and small firefly as well as the fatboy jig. Happy squidding!  

26.   WashingtonSquid1 said on 10/19/15 - 10:06AM   

It's an EPIC year, don't get stuck watching from the sidelines. The whole sound is lit up with em  

27.   Brian Squid said on 10/25/15 - 08:31AM   

Yea @squidcandy, those look pretty good. We are driving up to Edmonds next weekend, should be good. Anyone have any reports?  

28.   Bxlumpy said on 10/25/15 - 06:09PM   

Is anyone going out to Edmonds tonight ?  

29.   nightsquider said on 10/25/15 - 09:20PM   

Yes, Edmonds still good. I limit out tonight. The evening bite was on!  

30.   Petzel said on 10/26/15 - 09:02AM   

Yes Brian... used smaller jigs along with lighter/spin reel and no swivels either... seems green and red jigs are better hitting then others. Going out on Pops boat soon as well, should be fun as we get two green underwater lights and can't wait to test those out! :) Happy Squidding!  

31.   Leadmolder said on 10/28/15 - 04:27PM   

Looks like I have gotten bit by the bug... Started recently and have gotten 2 other buddies hooked! We are currently working on putting together our own lighting setup, primarily for fishing Edmonds Pier. Have done well and have been putting in some very long nights. Based on the reports I've hear, the squidding appeared much better around the middle of last week, then slowed down a bit. 4 nights ago, we were told it was really going on at dusk, faded by 10 or 11 - when we arrived of course :) , then mostly dead until 2:45 a.m. - just after the tide change. Then it was game on pretty heavy until about 4:45 - when a large seal came through. Shut them off like a switch. A few stragglers were caught that but it was pretty much dead until dawn. 2 nights ago was pretty good as well, with all pink or green and white seeming to be a bit better. Hope to hit it again tonight or tomorrow night, this time starting closer to dusk. Best of luck you guys and gals!  

32.   Brian squid said on 10/28/15 - 07:01PM   

@petzel, the no swivel idea makes a lot of senses. We ordered a bunch of those small jigs and are gonna hit it again Friday night. Going in a boat sounds amazing, I'd thought about it myself but hauling the boat all the way from Portland isn't worth it. Let us know how that goes @leadmolder , you never know, it's different every night. Just gotta put in your time. We made 5 squidless trips a few years ago before we finally got into them. Its a great sport.  

33.   Petzel said on 10/30/15 - 10:17AM   

WOW- the boat was amazing - put the crab pots down before dusk - started with the squid as soon as the sun went down and boom - all night action. about 17 lbs of squid caught... could have had more but tried to get some sleep. Finally got the hang of it, plus they almost jumped in our boat... they hit it a few times :) so much fun. even my 6 year old caught a few  

34.   Petzel said on 10/30/15 - 10:19AM   

FYI - we anchored just north of Edmonds in Browns Bay. Squid everywhere and I believe we saw some type of trout (Cut-throat?) at the surface. might try some lake gear next week when we go out again  

35.   Brian squid said on 10/30/15 - 06:22PM   

Wow is right. That's a great report! We are heading to Edmonds rn. Got some new smaller jigs in pink and green. Should be pretty good, the squid are in heavy. We will give a report tomorrow.  

36.   Fong said on 11/6/15 - 11:53AM   

Any one fished the Des Moines pier yet? Thinking of going out this eve or tomorrow.  

37.   Brian squid said on 11/7/15 - 07:52AM   

We went to Edmonds last Friday and my dad and I combined for 8lbs in a few hours. I caught on all kinds of jigs. None of ours were particularly hot. A lot of people were using larger orange or green jigs. I think the jig of choice varies almost every night. Tried no snap swivel. Don't know If It made a difference. We caught one 15 inch jumbo! Even got a few on a changing colors fluorescent, battery powered, 3inch long jig. Pretty successful trip.  

38.   Kevin said on 11/7/15 - 11:17PM   

If anyone could say where they have gone and had success in finding squid lately, that would be greatly appreciated!!!  

39.   Brian squid said on 11/8/15 - 08:27AM   

@kevin there are squid all over the sound right now. We have caught well at Edmonds. That's my favorite spot because the squid seem much larger there and we have consistently caught there this year  

40.   Fong said on 11/8/15 - 07:52PM   

Only caught one in 1 hour at Des Moines Marina. About 20+ anglers and they weren't having much luck either. Low tide was around 8p (we were there 7-8p).  

41.   Fong said on 11/8/15 - 07:53PM   

Only caught one in 1 hour at Des Moines Marina. About 20+ anglers and they weren't having much luck either. Low tide was around 8p (we were there 7-8p).  

42.   Pink Pole said on 11/9/15 - 10:42AM   

Went for the first time yesterday afternoon.11-8-15 I got to Les Davis Pier around 1 pm. Jigged until about 3 pm. I only caught one but man saw a lot caught. A lot of doubles and triples. For my first time it was great!!  

43.   Petzel said on 11/10/15 - 02:48PM   

Love the posts everyone. from what I learned this year (my first) is use very light gear, different jigs and lights are even better. I just got two green underwater lights (Green) and hopefully going to see if they will reach the water from Edmonds... anyone know how far that pier is from the water? low vs high tide? Happy Squidding!  

44.   Petzel said on 11/10/15 - 02:57PM   

@Pink - was that AM or PM for your time out?  

45.   Brian squid said on 11/10/15 - 07:31PM   

@petzel. I would assume he meant am. It's always much hotter later in the evening. Yes I'd agree with everything you said. The pier at Edmonds is at least 20ft at low tide and probably 12ish ft at high tide. So these are large lights not jigs correct? We lowered our gopro down there once. It was pretty cool! Hoping to make it up there again soon. I think while small Is generally better for jigs it's important to have some larger jigs in your box. Last time I caught on a monstrous 4 inch jig.  

46.   Zac said on 11/12/15 - 11:49AM   

About how many average-sized squid is equivalent to 10 lbs?  

47.   Pink Pole said on 11/13/15 - 08:40AM   

Hey Petzel. It was PM. I go after work for a bit. Tues was my best day. 17. It is so much fun!!!!  

48.   Petzel said on 11/13/15 - 01:57PM   

@ Brian - yeah - they are LED Green Lights that can go under water... they are about 20ft, so I will be doing some work @ Zac - all depends on size, I have noticed its about 60-70 squid from Edmonds :) @ Pink - so its still light out right? that's cool - Someone else posted that day can be just as good as night Happy Squidding All!  

49.   Petzel said on 11/13/15 - 02:00PM   

@ Brian - thanks for the pier depth. I was thinking the same as well. Hopefully going out soon. want to get my new lights working! they only use 12v. http://www.amazon.com/Amarine-made-Lumens-Fishing-Submersible-Underwater/dp/B00LUUMI18/ref=pd_sim_200_3?ie=UTF8&dpID=41fjGQI0EyL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=15C0R8AVEFNZVRS5RP5Q  

50.   David said on 11/13/15 - 03:35PM   

Hello All, I'm new to the PNW living on Bainbridge Island. And, I want to teach my children and myself how to go squiring. Reading the posts will help. Has anyone tried Bainbridge? D.  

51.   Petzel said on 11/13/15 - 07:32PM   

@David - Haven't had the chance to try Bainbridge but if you can get lights on the water and get somewhere that the water is clear and "bait" you are set! there is a lot of info on this site as well.  

52.   Petzel said on 11/17/15 - 03:14PM   

Anyone gone out lately? wondering with all of this rain if the squid will get pushed down/away... keep us posted :) - also getting my green lights set up to work with battery. can't wait!  

53.   Brian squid said on 11/19/15 - 06:57AM   

Might go to Edmonds Friday night. Will give report  

54.   Pink Pole said on 11/19/15 - 11:39AM   

I went to Les Davis yesterday from around 3 to 6 pm. Not as many caught in the past in general. I did go home with 6 so not bad for me. Watched a seal chase some around. That was actually very entertaining. Has any one noticed if the tides affect your catch? Seal or tide ?  

55.   Petzel said on 11/20/15 - 01:07PM   

@ Pink - yes on the tide but not sure what is better... I heard outgoing tide but did very well on incoming, I think it has to do with bait. if bait is around the skid are as well :) - Happy Squidding!  

56.   Brian squid said on 11/20/15 - 03:37PM   

Any reports from Edmonds? We are going tomorrow night!!!!  

57.   Redcedar said on 11/21/15 - 09:25PM   

Cold and windy. Light catch tonight. Lots of folks, not lots of squid. Edmonds.  

58.   Mark said on 11/22/15 - 11:04AM   

This season has been the worst. By this time my freezer is full. I hope it picks back up soon. Worst run in the last 10 years for me.  

59.   DK said on 11/23/15 - 12:24PM   

Pretty good on Sunday at Redondo. I was there 3-6PM and there were steady stream of squids. It wasn't crazy like few weeks back, but still plenty.  

60.   Petzel said on 11/23/15 - 02:44PM   

How was the water clarity? I was wondering with all the rain if that pushes those lil squiders around.  

61.   SquidCandy (Neil) said on 11/26/15 - 10:58AM   

Just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! Our family is Thankful for you and for your business this year. It Is really great to see all of you helping each other enjoy this great sport by contributing to the forum. I will be updating (making new squid videos) in January this year. If you would like to share your squid adventures with us please e mail them to me at Squidcandy.com@gmail.com and if selected we will make a videos together for the site. I would also like to post your stories/ testamonials about our jigs and advice about squidding and new locations on the site. All of you regular contributers on the forum remember to e mail me your information for the drawing for the free set of SquidCandy squid jigs. Happy squidding!! Neil  

62.   Petzel said on 11/28/15 - 02:20PM   

Thanks Squidcandy and same here. love squidding and love Thanskgiving... back to squid. went out last night to Edmonds. it was slow from 5-7. saw a few inkers caught but not from me. I did use my green underwater lights. looked cool :) and it seemed to attrack more bait then the floodlights. Happy Squidding everyone and please keep us posted on whats is going on out there  

63.   Maurixe said on 12/1/15 - 09:26PM   

Limit everyday since August in Tacoma dock !!! Baby blue they bite best  

64.   Petzel said on 12/2/15 - 01:02PM   

Nice Maurixe... push them north to Edmonds Please :)  

65.   Petzel said on 12/2/15 - 01:03PM   

Nice Maurixe... push them north to Edmonds Please :)  

66.   Petzel said on 12/9/15 - 11:43AM   

Anyone out in Edmonds lately?  

67.   cw said on 12/10/15 - 06:41PM   

Thinking about heading out for the first time squid fishing this Saturday. Any one had any luck at the Edmonds Pier?  

68.   Petzel said on 12/11/15 - 08:57AM   

@CW - I haven't been out for a few weeks - it was hot earlier in the season though. keep us posted if you do go out  

69.   cw said on 12/11/15 - 02:43PM   

Ok thanks  

70.   cw said on 12/11/15 - 03:27PM   

Ok thanks  

71.   Katherine said on 12/15/15 - 09:38PM   

Three of us went to Edmonds on 12/14 and it was the first time squidding for all of us. We caught 14 between us in about 3 1/2 hours between 4 - 7:30 pm. Not too many people on the pier.  

72.   rjr812 said on 12/17/15 - 08:13AM   

Does anyone have any experience to offer up to a newbie at John Wayne Marina in Sequim bay?  

73.   Petzel said on 12/17/15 - 11:44AM   

@Katherine - good work and thanks for the update. It sounds like the lil inkers are coming in later at night and they are also down south... Heard that Tacoma was hot  

74.   Petzel said on 12/17/15 - 11:46AM   

@rjr812 - I started this year and I love it! I only fished the Edmonds Pier or from a Boat (Love the Boat!) - Use light (like trout) gear and read this website and your set. Lights are nice but not required :) - Light Gear is a must though. at least my experience is light gear the better  

75.   cw said on 12/17/15 - 07:27PM   

Still haven't gone to the Edmonds pier yet I wanted to ask about lights and what's the regulations  

76.   T_weeen said on 12/18/15 - 10:43PM   

Can anyone give an update on Edmond pier? So are they coming later at night or early morning?  

77.   LuckyCharm said on 12/19/15 - 11:42AM   

Went out last night on Pier 86 on Elliot Bay, caught 3 in about an hour and a half. A few other squidders there, and all seemed to be doing about the same. It was clear & breezy last night, water seemed murky... wonder if that was a contributing factor. Tried my new small spotlight last night, actually worked pretty well as a supplementary light alongside the bigger lights on the dock, and no car battery required - runs on AA's! http://www.homedepot.com/p/Rayovac-Indestructible-500-Lumen-Waterproof-Spot-Flashlight-DIY6AASP-B/205031206  

78.   LuckyCharm said on 12/19/15 - 11:44AM   

Meant to say the time I was out was from about 9:30PM-11:15PM  

79.   Petzel said on 12/21/15 - 09:08AM   

Went out Sat. Night (19th) and the inkers are not around. saw about 4 caught. I got 2 in 2 hours. was out from 10pm-12am (High Tide) - did use my green underwater lights and a LED spotlight, seemed to work but only to make the water nice and bright :| - I guess they are still down south (Tacoma)  

80.   starfishfire said on 12/21/15 - 11:08PM   

portownsend bay first night out no squid but had fun  

81.   norwester123 said on 12/22/15 - 02:41PM   

Any info about the Clyde Davison pier in Steilacom  

82.   squiddymajigger said on 12/25/15 - 07:23AM   

very slow at edmonds recently...seen small amounts of squid caught and seen some small schools swimming but not very much action. is it still hot further south? thinking of heading down towards tacoma in the next few days...  

83.   cw said on 12/28/15 - 03:20PM   

We are finally going squid fishing at the Edmonds pier anybody going tonight to  

84.   squiddymajigger said on 12/28/15 - 04:26PM   

ill be @ edmonds tonight 5-7 or something like that to catch high tide @ 6. hoping it will be better than it has been the last week....stopped by seacrest @ west seattle and the aquarium pier downtown yesterday as well as edmonds and most were pretty dead...saw some folks with maybe half a limit downtown...not much going on in west seattle when I was there but I may have just missed the action. not much rain forecast for this week - hopefully that will help the sound get back towards normal clarity and salinity and improve the squidding!  

85.   cw said on 12/28/15 - 05:27PM   

Cool let us know how its going becaus we re going to be down ther in a little while  

86.   cw said on 12/28/15 - 05:53PM   

Cool tell me how it is becaus we will be their soon  

87.   Raid31 said on 12/29/15 - 01:25AM   

Hello all! I'm new to squid fishing, and saltwater fishing in general. Freshwater my whole life. Been in Korea for the last year and my friend got me hooked on squid fishing. Only, what they call squid over there are cuttlefish. Very fun to catch! I'm wondering if cuttlefish are also something you can catch in the Sound. There's a lack of information online about fishing for cuttlefish along the WA coast, so anyone have any answers for this?  

88.   Squiddymajigger said on 12/29/15 - 10:49AM   

Slow at Edmonds last night high tide - caught 3 in two hours - others around me were more fortunate and caught more maybe a dozen or two. Saw about 50 squid caught the entire night...but seals were working some schools so they are definitely still in - just not as thick as earlier in the season  

89.   Pink pole said on 12/29/15 - 04:48PM   

I have not been out lately. Last time I was out I came home and my house had been robbed. Plan to go Thursday or Friday. Let you know how it is down here in the south��  

90.   Squiddymajigger said on 12/29/15 - 09:36PM   

Edmonds better tonight - got about 3 lbs in 2 hrs around high tide. Small...not many jumbos. But better than last week :) they are still around you just gotta work for em!  

91.   cw said on 12/31/15 - 04:36PM   

We went Monday caught us 4 in 3 hours but everyone was catching tons and we plan on going friday  

92.   cw said on 12/31/15 - 04:37PM   

We wher also at the Edmonds pier  

93.   fcksb49 said on 12/31/15 - 10:50PM   

Think I got my bro convinced to give some squiding a try this weekend for both our first times. We will be coming from auburn area. Just wondering which pier will give us the best shot at getting our first squid. Also, ill a Coleman lantern be sufficient for light? Any tips will be appreciated. Pretty cool to find this site when I looked up squid! Il post after our first trip. Thanks and happy new year!  

94.   SquidCandy said on 1/1/16 - 09:51AM   

Not sure how Redondo is doing but Bremerton is Moderate right now. Welcome to squidding.  

95.   Randy said on 1/2/16 - 07:44AM   

Does anyone know where to find a website that describes the actual locations to go to for local squiding? In particular, places for boat squiding? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!  

96.   Petzel said on 1/2/16 - 03:25PM   

@ Randy - nothing that I found on locations. there is a article from WSDFW that talks about the migration of the squid from the straights down to Tacoma/South Sound. Pops and I went out at Browns bay just north of Edmonds and did well. I think you just need to find them and use lights if you have them... good to hear about them being back at the Edmonds pier  

97.   Petzel said on 1/2/16 - 03:30PM   

@Raid31 - this site is by far the best resource/site that I found for squid. we also call them Market Squid. Link from WDFW - http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/shellfish/squid/howto_fish.html > have fun!  

98.   yummypizza said on 1/4/16 - 12:49AM   

Hey has anyone fishes Des Moines recently?  

99.   Redog said on 1/4/16 - 07:36PM   

I went to Les Davis on Saturday night got 10 in about 3 to 4 hours. Doing a little better.  

100.   sandrnr said on 1/5/16 - 08:05AM   

Has anyone been back in downtown Seattle now that the water is cleared up? Was fishing lights out at the end of November, slowed to a halt in December with the dirty water... Hoping for one more shot before it is over!  

101.   doyourtime89 said on 1/6/16 - 06:03PM   

Myself and a few friends hit the Seattle water front last Friday night. You are right @sadmr in November it was lights out down there, we were leaving with limits almost every time out. I hadn't been since Nov. But it was REALLY SLOW. Back in Nov it was shoulder to shoulder jigging. Last week was wide open and plenty of room. I think everyone knows its slow down there. I want to go again this week, but not sure its worth it.  

102.   Petzel said on 1/7/16 - 12:49PM   

Planning on going out tonight or tomorrow night. The tides are not great so probably going to be a midnight run. Edmonds Pier, here comes those green lights again :) - Happy Last part of Squid Fishing everyone  

103.   Petzel said on 1/7/16 - 12:50PM   

Also - does anyone know if its gets hot again before the lil inkers leave the sound? or do they do their business and die here in the sound and poof its over? This is my first full year and I am inked :)!  

104.   lovelybones said on 1/11/16 - 02:30AM   

when is squid season over? beginning of february?  

105.   Squid Candy said on 1/11/16 - 09:22AM   

The season is year around but the squid usually are gone by february.....  

106.   Petzel said on 1/12/16 - 06:40AM   

went out on Thursday Night/Friday AM 1/8 - Nothing. only about 4 of us out at Edmonds. only saw a couple small inks in a bucket and nothing caught in several hours. I have a feeling the main season is done. at least up north.  

107.   Sr.Crouton said on 1/12/16 - 08:28PM   

I get to come up from Oregon this February and was wanting to try squidding, since it's supposed to be yearound in the sound, can someone tell me a good place for a newbie to try first time or when it might get better around the Edmonds area where I'm staying.  

108.   Squidster said on 1/12/16 - 08:39PM   

Squid fishing seems to really have tapered off in the last 2 or 3 weeks, caught 15 squid in 4 hours on saturday. seems like the season is over.  

109.   Srcrouton said on 1/12/16 - 10:50PM   

Thanks squidstir, I'll keep an eye on this forum for later on this year  

110.   squidinsouth said on 1/13/16 - 02:59AM   

there's still plenty around in the south sound. so do squid start appearing up north earlier ?  

111.   Petzel said on 1/13/16 - 03:04PM   

@squidinsouth yes - they come from the Straights . well at least that's what WSDW has posted + it was hot earlier in Edmonds around Nov, Oct.  

112.   PattyM said on 1/13/16 - 06:31PM   

Anybody have any advice on docks other than Edmonds? Taking my other half out for the first time and want to make sure he has a good time!  

113.   Petzel said on 1/14/16 - 10:39AM   

@Patty - sounds like they are still in the south sound - Tacoma and Seattle Piers are the better bets. but I don't have any experience there. sorry.  

114.   Squidster said on 1/15/16 - 10:59PM   

Catching was again slow tonight, caught 13 in 3 hours. The seals were in thick and it seemed they were scarring off the squid.  

115.   Squidster said on 1/17/16 - 12:55AM   

Continues to be slow, 11 in 3 hours.  

116.   briansquid said on 1/20/16 - 02:34PM   

We are from Portland and hit Edmonds a couple times earlier this year. We got quite a few but it sounds like it has slowed down big time. Does anyone have any reports from any Seattle piers? Pier 68? Shilshole?  

117.   Petzel said on 1/23/16 - 08:15AM   

@ Brian - I have only fished the Edmonds Pier but I have heard and talked to a couple people and they are still catching them down south, but not like we were in the beginning of the year... Anyone else have any updates?  

118.   Briansquid said on 1/23/16 - 08:34AM   

@petzel, thanks for the response. I think we are gonna probably try the Elliot bay pier by terminal 86 this evening for a few hours. I'll give a report. Has anyone been there this year?  

119.   Frist timer said on 1/26/16 - 04:00PM   

was thinking of trying this for the first time Feb 15 are the squid still in at that time? are they still being caught?  

120.   Petzel said on 1/27/16 - 09:59AM   

@First Timer - I don't think they are, at least not around the Edmonds Pier. We have seen reports from a few down south (Tacoma/Seattle) that they were still catching some. Good luck!  

121.   Eight Arms to Hold You said on 1/27/16 - 09:33PM   

Went squidding for the first time 1/16 at Les Miles Pier. Caught one and only one, but at least I didn't get skunked. Clearly don't know what I'm doing because others were having much more regular luck. But a question on etiquette: many people there brought industrial spotlights with generators. No way can i keep up with that luminous arm's race. Is it okay for me to stand near them and cast at the periphery of their light? Should I ask permission first?  

122.   Petzel said on 1/28/16 - 07:36AM   

@8_Arms - cool to here that they are still out there.. not sure where that Pier is, but Yes - if there is space and you are not crowding/taking over sharing lights is a part of the fun, at least in my experience. I would ask or see if you can donate to the gas. that was a nice offer from someone that "used" my lights. Happy Squiding!  

123.   Eight Arms to Hold You said on 1/30/16 - 09:46PM   

whoops, meant Les Davis Pier in Tacoma. Les Miles is a football coach. Thanks for the etiquette advice. great idea to offer some gas cash.  

124.   Petzel said on 2/2/16 - 11:49AM   

@8 Arms... Ahh that makes sense. I haven't fished Tacoma or anything South of Edmonds. This year was my first full year as well. The biggest thing I learned is light gear. light line, no swivels, change the squid jig around (try small, big and different colors). Already looking forward to this upcoming year! Happy Squidding!  

125.   SquidCandy said on 2/2/16 - 03:02PM   

Petzel send me an e mail with your contact information please......  

126.   Squidcandy said on 2/2/16 - 03:05PM   


127.   Brian squid said on 2/3/16 - 04:02PM   

We hit the pier next to the terminal 86 by Queen Anne in Seattle the weekend before last. We got 3 in an hour and a half. There was only one other guy who got a few. @8 arms I think that's fine to use other people's lights. That's what we sometimes do and most other squid joggers are happy to let you jig alongside them. Sadly I think this season is in the books but I can't wait for next year. I would second everything pretzel said and emphasiz that changing stuff up is very important. Squid seem to want something different each night but once you find it it can be very hot  

128.   Petzel said on 3/15/16 - 01:50PM   

Squid Candy.... No Hurry - but when we getting 2016 added for our comments this year? I am already getting squid fever :) and those little inkers probably don't even have their ink sacks filled yet :)  

129.   Pat said on 5/5/16 - 02:51PM   

Just wanted to let all of our squidders know what going on about the closures. First of all Salmon/Steelhead in marine areas and serveral lakes and rivers closed on May 1st, 2016 and was updated May 3rd, 2016. As it stands right now, If a permit and a deal is NOT obtained by Sunday 8th, 2016. A Salmon/Steelhead Closure will be in effect for 12th months. That also puts on the table a ALL CLOSURE of SHELLfish too. This reguards crab, clams, crawfish, SQUID, Etc. The latest information can be found here at; http://wdfw.wa.gov/ for Up to date closures, check here; https://fortress.wa.gov/dfw/erules/efishrules/  

130.   KEVIN said on 5/8/16 - 03:53PM   

From my reading of the rules it seems squiding is still open. Just salmon and steelhead are closed. Although that's bad enough. BTW SquidCandy: I can't get your online store to display your jigs  

131.   SquidCandy said on 5/9/16 - 06:58PM   

Currently working on a new online store format for my jigs but they can be found at the stores listed! Thanks!  

132.   SquidCandy said on 5/9/16 - 07:00PM   

NO.... the closers do not include Squid.... But thanks for your input!