1.   squidnewB said on 8/23/14 - 04:29PM   

are the squid coming in yet around seattle areas?  

2.   West coast squid said on 9/2/14 - 03:57PM   

Squidding in Bremerton is HOT now! People catching 8-9 inch Jumbos and filling their buckets. How is Settle waterfront? Has anyone been out there? This could be a good year....  

3.   john jones said on 9/7/14 - 05:50AM   

Have been out 3 times this week in the Bremerton area. Have not caught any, or seen any caught.  

4.   nathaniel said on 9/9/14 - 03:05PM   

I haven't gone squidding in a very long time! I was wondering where is a good place to go squidding in the Puget Sound area, but I just don't see anybody catching squid! I'm probably going to try the Point White Dock, Indianola Pier, or Suquamish Dock. Let me know guys where you are squidding, maybe we can meet up!  

5.   Skipper said on 9/9/14 - 04:47PM   

Tried on the incoming tide Joemma Beach docks last Sunday. Four of us with jigs and 4 hours, until just after the high tide. No hits and no sign of squid.  

6.   squidnewB said on 9/11/14 - 05:25PM   

went to bremerton last weekend and caught 4 squid around 2 pm or so, and lost about 8 squidjigs,now im broke can't go no more.  

7.   SquidCandy said on 9/11/14 - 05:30PM   

It might help if you put a weight on your line let it hit the bottom then reel up 3 feet then wrap your line on the line keeper on your reel. See my video... That way you won't loose your jig getting caught on the bottom your jig should never touch the bottom.....  

8.   squidnewB said on 9/11/14 - 07:03PM   

ok,thanks for the info squid candy, never thought of that! i will try next time.  

9.   DirtyMike said on 9/27/14 - 07:02PM   

Any news at Les Davis? I just dropped a fuckton of dough on driving all the way to Auburn Marine to blow enough cash to buy about 80lbs of calimari at the store. Is there anywhere providing reliable reports?  

10.   aten said on 10/4/14 - 08:08PM   

Squidding is pretty good in Port Orchard at Waterman’s pier, tonight I only got 3 lbs in 45 mins, only because I got there late ( about 8:30pm) and there was 15 people there. But I have had a few 10 lb nights. Since September 10th I have gotten 86 lbs from that pier. Just when it is getting dark is the time to be there.  

11.   squidnewB said on 10/13/14 - 08:24AM   

do you need lights over waterman's pier?  

12.   allpapajohn said on 10/15/14 - 04:16AM   

They don't allow additional lights at Watermans. But they have great lights there. I went last Sat/Sun and got 4 pounds the first night and just under two the second. I am still figuring out the technique but I am getting better.  

13.   drew62386 said on 10/21/14 - 05:16AM   

Any news on the Edmonds pier are the squid in  

14.   Benny said on 10/21/14 - 07:16PM   

Edmonds has been pretty dead the past few weeks..hoping that changes. Seattle might be better right now.  

15.   AquaKing said on 11/2/14 - 08:27AM   

Redondo and Des moines are producing full size mostly with some smaller ones in the batch. Not getting anywhere close to limiting but its nice to get some fresh air!  

16.   Jeff said on 11/6/14 - 08:13AM   

Has anyone tried the Everett Marina for Squid?  

17.   Jeff said on 11/12/14 - 09:29AM   

Squid anywhere in the North End of Puget Sound? Looking to go out soon... And Does anyone go out on a boat at night? if so where?  

18.   Prince said on 11/15/14 - 01:35AM   

Has anybody tried Tacoma or Redondo yet?  

19.   Squiggy said on 11/17/14 - 08:25PM   

Has anyone had any sightings in the north sound? Thinking of going out next week!  

20.   jc said on 12/9/14 - 11:58AM   

anyone been out to des moines?  

21.   Kirt said on 12/11/14 - 05:27PM   

Im heading up to Waterman’s pier tomorrow ,the 12th. Never tried to catch squid before. This should be fun !Maybe I will see some of you there.  

22.   robert white said on 12/16/14 - 07:11AM   

went to redondo dec 14. from 4 to 6 pm. my first time. saw squid getting caught. i copied what they were doing, other than the sliding corky on top, and i got nada. not a single one. will bring my generator, and 500w halid work light next time. everyone seemed to have a few lbs each. one maybe seven lbs. odd. his squid were larger than everyone elses, which i thought was odd. not sure what im suppose to feel. i was using a trout pole, with a limber tip. ill try again soon.  

23.   rob said on 12/16/14 - 07:13AM   

first time squidding. spent two hours at redondo, on dec 14. saw people with a couple lbs each. none for me. i will try again. perhaps bring my generator, and a halogen light.