1.  Pat said on 10/7/13 - 12:49PM  

Its a great start to the season got over 2 pounds in Edmonds a few nights ago!  

2.  Dan said on 10/23/13 - 06:12AM  

Nothing off the Edmonds Pier last night. A lot of people out, didn't see anything caught either. We were only out for a couple hours from 6:15 - 8:15, maybe they are showing up later. People were arriving as I was leaving. I will try it again later in the week.  

3.  Pat said on 10/25/13 - 01:50PM  

Seattle Squid: Where are they at?  

4.  Not Much said on 11/6/13 - 02:31PM  

Five squid on Monday at Edmonds. Arrived at 5:30pm and left around 8:30. No wind, a little rain. I didn't have any action until about 7:30.  

5.  Marshall said on 11/6/13 - 07:42PM  

Never heard of this before today, hit pier70 and the Aquarium pier, no luck with the wrong gear.. lol Guess ill be going to Shoreline tomorrow for (squid jigs) and fish above the bottom rather than just below the surface .. My point is Time, I fished till 7:ish and packed. as I was leaving some kids showed up looking like they no whats up. Ill be back at 7:30 tomorrow..  

6.  Clark said on 11/11/13 - 10:51PM  

Is anybody having any luck on Bainbridge Island? I tried Point White fishing dock on Nov 9 & 10. On Nov 9, it was high tide at about 7:30 with rain, and no luck off the bottom. On the 10th, I tried just after sunset with no luck either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!  

7.  Randy said on 11/12/13 - 02:47PM  

I haven't tried Bainbridge island but I caught about 30 squid in Edmonds on Friday. People around me were nailing them, I was doing ok. I left at about 9:00, I could have caught a lot more if I stayed later but I didn't want to miss Gold Rush.  

8.  Mike said on 11/22/13 - 06:47AM  

I was thinking about hitting up the Pt Defiance Pier. Has anyone been out there this year?  

9.  Duke said on 11/22/13 - 08:39AM  

Anyone have any experiance up towards Anacortes? A buddy and myself are looking to have a little winter time fun, day or night. We just don't know where to go.  

10.  hanapa said on 11/25/13 - 11:27AM  

Has anyone put together the light setup with 400watt inverter? Where did you purchase 400w inverter and light? Is florescent light better than LED. What is total cost of this setup. How is it working? I live up Lynnwood area  

11.  Squidcandy said on 11/25/13 - 12:01PM  

Take a look at our lighting page...... You can get the inverter at West marine ....  

12.  squidjigger said on 11/26/13 - 09:20AM  

Pt. Defiance Pier is doing alright for the begining of the season. Lots of the outlets do not work,so be ready to either bring a generator or have battery powered lights. Caught about 2lbs the other night, great for sashimi eats!  

13.  newtosquid said on 11/27/13 - 10:32AM  

I want to take my grand kids age 8 to either point defiance pier or les davis....any recommendations? First time for all of us. Where do you fish at Point Defiance Pier? Behind the boat house? The floats? Thanks  

14.  Squid Candy said on 11/27/13 - 03:32PM  

I would start them out at Les Davis (more room to run around) go to Auburn sports and marine in Auburn and pick up some squidcandy jigs you wont regret it....  

15.  Gettinjiggywitit said on 11/29/13 - 10:45PM  

Went to les Davis tonight from 5 to 10 with no luck. No one caught more than one squid.  

16.  kingfisher said on 12/3/13 - 07:09PM  

Hey there, so this is my first time on this forum. Never been squidding, just fishing, but i was wondering if there was anyone in the Bellingham area that knows what they're doing or have heard any good rumors?? Thanks.  

17.  samtastic said on 12/11/13 - 12:08PM  

went down to redondo last night,did pretty good,about 3 lbs or so.  

18.  adam said on 12/11/13 - 04:08PM  

samtastic, what time did you go, I'm heading there tonight.  

19.  hanapaa said on 12/13/13 - 10:36AM  

Anyone knows where I can find the 100watt florescent light with metal plug box shown in setup? I tried Home Depot & Lowes no luck. Any suggestions using 100w LED instead? I have inverter & battery, just need to find the light.  

20.  Squid Candy said on 12/13/13 - 01:54PM  

They have the lights in the outdoor light section… You have to buy the cord , plug, and metal box and metal strap separately then put it together…….  

21.  Squid Candy said on 12/13/13 - 02:03PM  

Hey all I have a new jig that the squid love to hug…. Green and Gold (squid candy model) (just in time for the holiday)….. I will give a free green and gold Jig to all internet orders over $30.00 now till Christmas. They will be available for sale after Christmas on the internet and in stores soon…….  

22.  Aquaking said on 12/16/13 - 06:16PM  

I use off road LED lights mounted to wood with a switch box all weatherproofed. Check CL for good pricing. Jig in should be really good right now. Get them while its cold!  

23.  Squid Candy said on 12/24/13 - 02:50PM  

Hey all I have changed the website name to Squid fishing world wide.com you will still be able to get here from squidfishingwa.com.I would love to here about places to squid and stories from your countries and videos just e mail me at squidcandy.com@gmail.com and we will add your flag!  

24.  samtastic said on 12/24/13 - 05:02PM  

tried redondo the 0ther night from 2am to 7am caught 4 squids. not much of anything just caught a cold.  

25.  jeongle said on 12/27/13 - 02:05PM  

Been at Redondo for the past 3 nights... Caught a few but it's been very slow. Hopefully a big wave comes in soon!  

26.  Squid Candy said on 12/27/13 - 03:14PM  

Yep its still a little early in the season......  

27.  newtosquid said on 1/14/14 - 09:38AM  

Anybody having any luck recently at Les Davis? I am thinking about taking the grand kids out jigging there this weekend?