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by Neil Bennett on 02/10/12 

Thanks for your input and support this year, hope you like the new format.This forum is now open for questions and catch reports... Happy squidding..Neil 



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1.  jigger said on 2/10/12 - 10:45AM  

Love the new look Neil ...hey did you see your site was mentioned in a seattle newspaper article? Well anyway thanks for this site......  

2.  William said on 2/15/12 - 05:34PM  

Any updates on ppl carrying Squid candy in kitsap county???? would love to get some that are close by if there are... Brownsville was decent last cupple of days... caught around 20. normaly get 1 or 2 this time a year  

3.  squidcandy said on 2/15/12 - 05:59PM  

Always looking for new stores to carry the jigs let me know of any in your area....Will be starting a online store this week so check back.....Thanks for the report!  

4.  squidcandy said on 2/18/12 - 07:16AM  

Hey all send us video or put it on u tube for us to see of you catching squid on our jigs , make it fun if we use it on the site we will give you $25.00 in squid jigs........thanks  

5.  Bear Hunter said on 2/20/12 - 12:22AM  

Anyone ever jig in a boat by golden gardens by the green buay. I was thinking of taking the boat out and do some jigging. I never jigged before in a boat. To many people jigging around you when you bring your owen lights to the dock.  

6.  squidcandy said on 2/21/12 - 01:04PM  

Squidding from a boat is great fun, go for it just stay away from the casting squidders. Remember you have the whole area so stay away from the dock.  

7.  Squid Candy said on 2/23/12 - 08:37AM  

You bring up a good point. Which is exactly why I brought up the point about getting too close to the dock. Many people seem to have forgotten courtesy when it comes to fishing and squiding. There is usually plenty of room for everybody on the dock. Even if you have to squeeze together. However, so many people these days believe that they own everything around them. I have seen fishermen pull guns on each other fighting over a crossed fishing line. This makes no sense to me as the sport is supposed to be fun and a way to meet new people and enjoy the outdoors and maybe have a good meal. None of us are eating only what we catch so it is unlikely that will starve if we go home empty-handed. When it comes to squidding there are many cultures who come to the dock to fish. We all have different space requirements and comfort zones, but we are all Americans. I have found most of the time if we take the time to talk to and make friends with the people around us things go easier. It's not always easy, I must say, but some of the best things I have learned about squidding and fishing have been from people I normally wouldn't have necessarily approached. Again, thanks for your comments bear hunter and happy squidding.  

8.  bear hunter said on 2/23/12 - 08:42AM  

Thanks for the info. I'm not a #$@%^ by putting my boat in front of docks a casting at others. I like to fish by my self. Thats why I want to take the boat. I went to the Edmonds pier 20 years ago to fish for bottom fish and there was no room for me to fish. The dock was full of squid fisherman. A man was leaving and gave me a jig. I took his spot by the lights. I hated the other squiders, because they casted over to the lights by me. I told the guy to stop casting over here ,because he was hooking everones line. He didn't stop I caught some more squid and his jig/squid. I cut the line and throw it in my bucket. He never knew and I got a good jig and squid off of him. Some people just have no respect for others. Yes it was wrong by we told him to stop. Hell he was 10 people down from me. Some fisherman are FISH CRAZY. I just like to fish.  

9.  WashingtonSquid said on 7/27/12 - 02:29PM  

Heard that is has been good down town~!  

10.  new squider said on 8/9/12 - 12:29AM  

i am new to this whole squid thing 2 years ago humbolt squid came thru seku and it was really cool and i wanna get some small ones in puget sound is summer a good time i need a new hobby during the summer! plz help  

11.  Pat said on 8/10/12 - 06:51PM  

I got 3 for 5 with a school of 40 interested on tuesday afternoon, 5-6pm  

12.  Jigger said on 8/16/12 - 09:44AM  

Wow the squid are in and hitting near point defiance,les davis and Des moines yeeeha maybe it will be a great year.....Of course IM catching more ,thanks squid candy (Neil)! Ps I heard you have a new jig?  

13.  Squid Candy said on 8/16/12 - 09:48AM  

Yep i have been catching squid to...Your welcome and yes we will be offering a new white firefly this season. This jig has been hot in the seattle area when we went through the testing process last year....Neil  

14.  Squid Candy said on 8/16/12 - 09:58AM  

To new squidder...Go through this site read up on our squidding...pick up some jigs (squidcandy) and head down to the docks (see on this site ). Let us know how you do!  

15.  Royal flush said on 8/16/12 - 10:00AM  

Thanks pat for the report.  

16.  Squid Virgin said on 8/19/12 - 09:39AM  

Always wanted to try squid jigging however never had the opportunity. I Live way south of the sound however an overnight trip for a bucket of squid would be worth the drive and experience to me. My question is if I go north on I5 where is the closest (Furthest South) dock to me that I can expect good results??  

17.  terry329 said on 8/22/12 - 01:27AM  

squidvirgin, I would recommend a trip to the dock at pt. defiance in tacoma. that would be a great starting point. I have had good success in des moines, and know others do well at redondo. I'm currently on vacation up in discovery bay, and the squid are so thick at the dock that a 5 qt limit took me about 1 1/2 hours, to bad it will take the rest of the night to clean em. Still worth the trip.  

18.  dp said on 9/7/12 - 05:08AM  

way to go terry 329  

19.  ThatGuy said on 9/8/12 - 02:01AM  

terry329 I would love to get into squid fishing, but need little help, such as jigs. If you will have time just email me sov1987@gmail.com and I would love to show up one night at Des Moines to get some experience from you.  

20.  Pat (Seattle Squidder) said on 10/2/12 - 11:18PM  

Been just Smashing them from Edmonds to Pier 69! Got about little over 15 pounds already this season and made ONLY 1 trip in May to Edmonds the rest in September! got about 10 pounds my last 6 trips out! They are coming in! Jumbos Really DEEP right now!  

21.  Pat (Seattle squidder) said on 10/7/12 - 01:46PM  

Headed to 69 got a hanful there! from 8-2am group of guys got about 8 pounds on my new dock! and i personally got 4 pounds. got 2 doubles and missed alot!  

22.  Pat (seattle squidder) said on 10/9/12 - 02:17AM  

headed to 69, 70, 62/63 & aquarium piers. picked up 2 pounds! Others did alot better!  

23.  Pat (seattle squidder) said on 10/10/12 - 09:11PM  

Sucky night! got 7 and slow for everybody i saw at the most about 1 1/2 pounds. and saw mackeral being caught!  

24.  Mike said on 10/17/12 - 02:22PM  

Fished the aquarium pier area with my portable light setup. Was there from 11:30P to 3:15A. Got about 12 medium sized squid. Lots and lots of baitfish around. They balled up and it looked like you could sit on top of them and not get wet. They love the light. Saw a couple of salmon cruising around too. I keep on forgetting to bring some gear for that.  

25.  Pat (Seattle Squidder) said on 10/18/12 - 02:18AM  

Ah I see your real name, Mekim! Exact same report from Squidfish.net! Lol anyways went 65 squid with 4 pounds 9 ounces, others did better with limits, i was told over limits at 69 again last night! and saw a seal with a school of silvers!  

26.  Squidcandy said on 10/18/12 - 08:48PM  

Thanks Mat and Pat for your recent squid reports..........  

27.  matt said on 10/21/12 - 12:49PM  

yep, squid in seattle. thanks for the report. bring your scales  

28.  Pat said on 10/23/12 - 02:23AM  

Got limits at 69/70! I got the priviledge to me Mat at 69 tonite!  

29.  Pat said on 10/24/12 - 06:55AM  

Last night sucked MAYBE 4 pounds at best! It was good early then NOthing! SLOWED WAY DOWN!  

30.  beginner said on 10/25/12 - 01:15PM  

what are the best pier for squid currently?  

31.  Pat said on 10/25/12 - 02:56PM  

anywhere in Seattle! Dark place+lights w/ generator= LOTS OF SQUID!!!!  

32.  jc said on 10/25/12 - 04:32PM  

Anyone ever try Seacrest Pier in W. Seattle? Bremerton?  

33.  Squid Candy said on 10/25/12 - 04:41PM  

Hey all just wanted to thank you for giving each other heads up on your squid fishing.... I also wanted to let you know we have a new store carrying our jigs. The first store near seattle ....Anglers Choice 20222 Ballanger way NE Shoreline WA 98155 (206-364-9827) they also have our brand New jig Models. Thanks again for your support! Neil....  

34.  Pat said on 10/26/12 - 04:39AM  

Got Limits? lol My crew got limits DT Seattle  

35.  beginner said on 10/26/12 - 11:07PM  

what if i don't have a generator? what then?  

36.  beginner said on 10/27/12 - 12:05AM  

my buddy went to bremerton last weekend, he said it was nothing there. (no squid).  

37.  Pat said on 10/27/12 - 05:20PM  

Beginner, if no Generator! go look on piers with people that have generators! Report: LIMIT! Weather: 6 foot rollers with 7 foot breakers, 30 knot winds! and light rain!  

38.  Pat said on 10/27/12 - 11:38PM  

got another limit in 60 minutes!  

39.  Pat said on 10/29/12 - 12:12AM  

got 5 pounds!  

40.  beginner said on 10/29/12 - 12:59PM  

what color did you use and where did you go squidding?i would like to try out.  

41.  Pat said on 10/29/12 - 11:59PM  

Seattle, and when u get limits, color doesnt matter most of the time!  

42.  beginner said on 10/30/12 - 01:32PM  

when is the best time? during high or low tides?  

43.  Squid candy said on 10/30/12 - 03:23PM  

Usually incoming tide ....slack (When the tide holds)...then when it begins to move again out...then again you never know for sure...  

44.  beginner said on 10/30/12 - 08:36PM  

squid candy thanks! im so new at this squidding stuff,im trying to get some ideas b-4 going out there.  

45.  Pat said on 11/4/12 - 08:28PM  

Was able to get 5 pounds from 59,69, & 70 fished from 6PM to 1130PM then again at 330am to 645am  

46.  beginner said on 11/5/12 - 04:01PM  

330am in the morning? is that with the generator or without? that is really early.  

47.  Pat said on 11/6/12 - 12:31AM  

With generator! Went to edmonds got 6 pounds!  

48.  seekinsquid said on 11/7/12 - 06:41PM  

Tell me more about jigging from a boat. Is a strong rear work light enough? Anchor up in 45-55 feet?  

49.  Sir Squid said on 11/12/12 - 04:18PM  

Got 10 LBS yesterday afternoon, near fox island in 2 hours! Squid Fishing is Hot!  

50.  beginner said on 11/13/12 - 04:07PM  

is this at the pier? or do you have to have a lights w/ the battery.  

51.  beginner said on 11/13/12 - 04:09PM  

sir squid, is it at the pier?are the squids pretty good sizes?  

52.  Sir Squid said on 11/13/12 - 04:50PM  

@beginner No its from a boat in 100 ft of water off green point, you can catch them anytime of the day.... All of them are good sized!  

53.  beginner said on 11/13/12 - 06:34PM  

thanks! for the info.  

54.  Sir Squid said on 11/13/12 - 07:05PM  

No Problem! You have to fish for them right on the bottom too, I was using a pink squid candy firefly jig.  

55.  10lb said on 11/13/12 - 11:06PM  

To Sir Squid, Where is green point? Can you catch them using boat in Redondo as well during the day?  

56.  Sir Squid said on 11/14/12 - 04:09PM  

@10lb Green point is off on fox island so it's a little ways from redondo... About the squid fishing out on redondo I'm not sure, I would try off the end if the pier in 100 ft. of water see how that goes!  

57.  Pat said on 11/15/12 - 02:38AM  

got 5 pounds tonite & last weekend limited!  

58.  Sir Squid said on 11/16/12 - 05:30PM  

5 lbs this afternoon  

59.  Sir Squid said on 11/22/12 - 02:05PM  

Went out for an afternoon thanksgiving squid bite, got 5 lbs in 2 hours.. a little slower then usual.  

60.  squidcandy said on 11/22/12 - 06:37PM  

Thanks for all your reports Sir Squid....Happy thanksgiving to all you great squidders!!!!  

61.  Sir Squid said on 11/22/12 - 11:07PM  

No problem!, hope you had a good thanksgiving!!  

62.  Pat said on 11/24/12 - 04:43PM  

Limited last night in 45ish minutes  

63.  pat said on 11/25/12 - 05:34PM  

limited again  

64.  beginner said on 11/25/12 - 06:05PM  

where did you squid at?  

65.  pat said on 11/26/12 - 01:52PM  

downtown seattle from 3-7am  

66.  kanaka50 said on 11/27/12 - 05:23PM  

Is it crowded where u fishing? Some areas like edmonds is nuts, guys over your back,lines criss crossing, what a zoo. I use squid Dto along time ago near the aquarium.  

67.  beginner said on 11/28/12 - 01:08PM  

tell me where to go,im trying out this weekend never done any squid fishing before can someone tell me what to bring beside squid jig and rod and reel. do i need lights at downtown?orest is it battery or a regular outlet lights.  

68.  pat said on 11/29/12 - 12:31AM  

most people have lights at 69 or 62. no lights at the aquarium needed! and 86 has outlets, dont know if the fuse has been broken yet. lamo. I limited last night again! It has been such a good season. Finally got komo4 on speed dial!  

69.  beginner said on 11/29/12 - 10:53PM  

thanks alot for the info, see you overthere somenight and we'll have a competition.(LOL)  

70.  pat said on 11/30/12 - 02:28PM  

got 5 pounds! really a competition, uh? lol 3-7am has been best alor recently. all BIG jumbos run then!  

71.  beginner said on 11/30/12 - 03:12PM  

we should be out there saturday night in the rain trying for the first time, hopefully we'll catch something.  

72.  pat said on 11/30/12 - 07:06PM  

where r ya going?  

73.  beginner said on 12/1/12 - 06:03PM  

went down to edmonds pier caught 2 squids, the rest got skunk out (3 of us)first time squid fishing.crowded with no lights. whole bunch of them in front of the light are pulling up squids everytime for awhile.  

74.  pat said on 12/2/12 - 05:13PM  

limited again! too good! got a break in a weather long enough to get X2  

75.  kanaka50 said on 12/3/12 - 11:27AM  

Was at DTO on Sat 12/1 at 7-9pm very slow only a few caught. Pat are u still fishing at 3am? Sure would like to see limit. 

76.  pat said on 12/3/12 - 02:20PM  

DTO? and yes! But its far and few days right now cux of weather!!!! Have to go from 6-12 because of komo4 is going to do a story (unless weather kicks up again)  

77.  pat said on 12/4/12 - 03:53AM  


78.  beginner said on 12/5/12 - 11:41PM  

pat,is that with the lights?  

79.  pat said on 12/6/12 - 06:31AM  

yes and no! Report for 12/5 LIMITED!  

80.  SquidFan said on 12/6/12 - 02:50PM  

Greetings experts, do you guys follow tide schedule or does it even matter? Thanks!  

81.  Pat said on 12/6/12 - 09:37PM  

I follow my gut feelings and tide! certain plays depends on the tide! But when your on a boat it doesnt matter  

82.  jc said on 12/7/12 - 09:58AM  

any news on bremerton or seacrest pier?  

83.  squidfan said on 12/8/12 - 01:10PM  

Seattle waterfront area was dead last night. Only caught 3 in the hours before high tide  

84.  pat said on 12/9/12 - 06:31PM  

Day time squid is good at 62 in the morning from 8-10am! alot of squid are spawning and i know where to get them :P been limited out! when and where is the key to this time of year!  

85.  beginner said on 12/10/12 - 08:48PM  

thanks for the info,and also how hard is it to find parking lot?  

86.  Want-to-be Squidder said on 12/11/12 - 12:10PM  

i'm new to squidding. i have been squidding at watermans pier in port orchard. it is good squidding at times but i have never limited. and i don't know any other places to go.  

87.  SquidFan said on 12/12/12 - 03:19PM  

Pat - 62 is the big pier, correct?  

88.  pat said on 12/13/12 - 11:17PM  

yes, Report: limted last night in 3 hours fished from 3-7pm  

89.  OneGuy said on 12/17/12 - 03:10PM  

pat, from 3-7 is actually 4 hours. Maybe you are using the same math to calculate your limit?  

90.  SquidFan said on 12/17/12 - 03:26PM  

any first hand reports from Dash Point or Des Moines piers? i've had some good luck this week at the seattle waterfront piers at high tide. want to explore some other spots  

91.  scottsquid said on 12/18/12 - 01:47PM  

I went to fish des moines early this morning and it was fenced off. Is edmonds temporarily closed?  

92.  pat said on 12/19/12 - 01:10AM  

why is Des Moines fenced off? Monday's storm of 50 knots and 17 feet of water? (tide + waves)Edmonds shouldnt be closed off!  

93.  Want-to-be Squidder said on 12/20/12 - 06:13PM  

dash point has been pretty good that last few days i have been. i haven't limited yet but i have been there people have. i have been getting there around 1:00 pm and leaving between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm. tomorrow i'll be there @ 6:00 am. avg between 4 to 7 lb each trip.  

94.  SquidFan said on 1/3/13 - 10:14AM  

Des Moines is open now. Not too crowded. I stopped by their once last week. It always entertains me to watch folks run around when someone catches a squid. I didnt have very good luck there probably because i didnt join in the ruckus. Others that I spoke to said its usually decent.  

95.  New to squidding! said on 1/4/13 - 09:31AM  

I would love to start squiding but don't know the first thing about it. When is the best time to go or does it matter? I'd heard at night during colder months...fact or fiction? I also assume the tide matters? High tides better? I also live in Tacoma, so where's the best places to go? Thanks for any advice!!  

96.  squidcandy said on 1/4/13 - 09:38AM  

Read over the site most of the info is here and read over the blog posts...... Have fun....  

97.  M said on 1/4/13 - 12:11PM  

What's the skinny on Seacrest? I heard it was firing on Xmas Eve. Still?  

98.  Pat said on 1/4/13 - 03:19PM  

Yeah, elliott bay is still firing! Guys have been getting limits on the East side of the bay the last few weeks! I won't be surprise to see the season go into Feburary this year or March!  

99.  Fisherqueen said on 1/5/13 - 07:18PM  

I was wondering if anyone has fished the La Connor or Everett Marinas for squid and had any luck lately. I was in John's Sporting Goods in Everett and a guy came in for squid jigs but he didn't speak English, so I couldn't ask the bugger any questions.  

100.  SquidFan said on 1/7/13 - 08:15AM  

I hope the season isnt over but was at Seattle waterfronts Fri night. High tide at 10pm. Nothing anywhere. Everyone was going from pier to pier trying to find any squid but no luck.  

101.  DT said on 1/9/13 - 10:50AM  

When is a good time to go and hit up des moines? I know some places you can go during the day, and you'll catch alot when they're hitting like dash point.  

102.  Joe said on 1/15/13 - 04:01PM  

Has there been any reports of squid being caught on the Penninsula?  

103.  SquidFan said on 1/18/13 - 03:02PM  

Hows the squidding out there? I feel like its winding down from the last few times I went.  

104.  jojo said on 2/5/13 - 01:46PM  

is the squidding season over? or has anyone had any luck at the Tacoma Waterfront area?  

105.  jojo said on 2/5/13 - 01:46PM  

is the squidding season over? or has anyone had any luck at the Tacoma Waterfront area?  

106.  DTBiff said on 2/27/13 - 09:43AM  

I think it's starting to pick back up. A buddy of mine said he caught 3 lbs over at waterman in port orchard the other night and was only there for a couple hours.  

107.  DTBiff said on 2/28/13 - 08:40AM  

I was reading on the wdfw website, and it was saying that a pier over in indianola is supposed to be pretty good right now, but I havn't been out there to verify if this is true or not. I might give it a shot this weekend depending on how much work I get done around the house.  

108.  bham jon said on 4/18/13 - 09:23AM  

I've been wanting to get into squidding but I can't find any credible info for areas in the North Sound. Anybody have info for areas between Anacortes and Blaine? I live in bellingham and have a boat so I could even head out into the San Juans for an overnighter. thanks  

109.  Aquaking said on 5/29/13 - 09:48PM  

small squid are hitting around the kingston area... give it a few more weeks and they will be decent size... if you have a boat just invest in some nice lights like few people on the docks do and let them "come to you". Hope this helps  

110.  DTBiff said on 6/1/13 - 12:05PM  

Where are you guys tring at in kingston? I've tried over by the ferry dock and the yacht club and can't get anything.  

111.  DTBiff said on 6/1/13 - 12:06PM  

Also what times are you going?  

112.  squidmaster said on 8/14/13 - 09:37PM  

squid are starting to around the seattle area now.