Squid season 2011 squid reports

by Squidfishingwa.com on 01/09/11 

Wellcome to our 2011 squid season reports page brought to you by squidcandy (tm) squid jigs.Let us know what you think and how you are doing. 



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1.  sir squid said on 1/9/11 - 09:41AM  

10 at las davies last night.It was pretty slow.  

2.  Larrinator said on 1/17/11 - 06:02AM  

Squidding last Friday in Port Orchard was very good. Several people left with half to full buckets in 3 hours. Weather was very windy, no rain, low tide. 

3.  TinyTech said on 1/26/11 - 09:36AM  

Went out to Kingston last night. Started @ 1800 and stayed until 2100hrs. Totally skunked, First time I've been out in 3 weeks or so.  

4.  Andrew said on 5/10/11 - 08:09AM  

Went out twice to Redondo Pier, and then Des Moines pier last week for 4 hours and got nothing. I'm new to squidding, when do the squid start running in this area?  

5.  Squidcandy said on 5/14/11 - 03:36PM  

Hey Andrew it's a little early yet most likley in June.Keep checking here and watch the docks when they come in you will start seeing squdders.  

6.  squidcandy said on 6/3/11 - 08:00AM  

Some squid caught the last two nights at les davis and redondo...ye ha  

7.  squidcandy said on 6/3/11 - 08:16PM  

Some squid at redondo this afternoon.  

8.  joey said on 6/10/11 - 03:00PM  

Got some Jigs from Squid Candy, Green and yellow, and pink, went to Redondo yesterday afternoon and caught about 40 to 50 squid within a couple of hours, it was high tide and most of them were on the top side. It was a Great time since I'm new to this but the owner of squid candy won't steer you wrong with what Jigs to go with=)  

9.  squidcandy said on 6/10/11 - 03:53PM  

Nice work squidding joey! thanks for the squid report and the report on our sweet jigs. sking  

10.  joey said on 6/10/11 - 05:09PM  

No Problem Neil. Heading squiding tonight will let you know in the morning how it goes....with where i went and stuff..  

11.  joey said on 6/16/11 - 05:16PM  

So the last time i went it was in Port orchard (Waterman Dock) high tide and caught about 30  

12.  joey said on 6/16/11 - 05:22PM  

Now I went squiding last nite at Redondo For about an hour and left with 25. The tide was going out and the water was a bit murky to catch a bunch. It was rite when the sun went down.  

13.  jigger said on 6/19/11 - 05:12AM  

Wow so many schools of squid swimming around at redondo so few biting not kidding 100s.Left with 20 cought on squidcandy green and white and blue and white.They got to eat sometime good luck.  

14.  squidcandy jigs r good said on 6/19/11 - 04:40PM  

green and white r the best at redondo lots of squid  

15.  joey said on 6/20/11 - 03:19AM  

Well Just left waterman dock in port orchard left with about 45 to 50. It was just as it was going from low to high tide...and of course squid candy did it again, green and white, and the light pink work well up there=) Good luck guys  

16.  squidcandy said on 6/20/11 - 09:06AM  

Thanks for the squid reports everybody!  

17.  greg said on 7/10/11 - 09:42AM  

Summer squid seasons? Hello, I've usually fished for squid during the winter, but have been wondering about trying it in the summer. Is there traditionally better months to try? I noticed on your squidding reports of people catching them about two weeks ago, but don't know if that was the end of them or if they're still around during the next couple of months? What are the best times and places to try during the summer? I live in Everett, but would probably try in the Seattle area.  

18.  greg said on 7/10/11 - 09:53AM  

Also, what jigs are you recommending? It looks like you make them and sell them, but it doesn't look like you have anybody carrying them in the Everett area? Thanks, Greg  

19.  Squid candy said on 7/10/11 - 09:55AM  

Greg the squid will continue to be avail in the sound until late feb, it will be hit or miss (as always).I have been in alaska so i havent been to the docks.I will go tonight and see as reports from other squidders can be spuratic as most like me also fish and the salmon are on the way :).The best jig is squidcandy by far and i am trying to get more stores to carry them.I am waiting on Wholesale sports and Cabelas to see if they are going to carry them which will make it easier to find them.If you know of a local store that may be intrested let us know and we will give them a call.....  

20.  Daniel said on 7/12/11 - 04:09PM  

This is my catch over the weekend, not including about 15 or so that were already prepared and eatin. Fishing off the Watermans Pier in Port Orchard. First night was around midnight. Second night was around 2am when a school came in and started biting like crazy. Was using green small jigs. Enjoy the pics. http://imageshack.us.../534/squid2.jpg http://imageshack.us.../714/squid1.jpg  

21.  jigger said on 7/22/11 - 06:47PM  

Wow had a killer night last night at les davis squid squid squid. Used your squidcandy jig green and white and blue and white niceeeee.  

22.  Flipsyde said on 8/14/11 - 08:55AM  

My 16-year old son and I went squid hunting last night (8/13/11). We started at Seacrest (no-one squidding), then on to Des Moines (no-one squidding), then Redondo (no-one squidding), lastly Les Davis (guess what - no-one squidding). Not a lost night though! Spent time with my boy and talked. Beautiful night, full moon, comfortable temps. Just not squidding action. Maybe a little early for squid but hopefully they'll show up soon.  

23.  Squid candy said on 8/15/11 - 07:48PM  

Right now the pink salmon are running through the sound eating their fill of squid so it will be hit and miss until the end of september,,,,,,,  

24.  Mekim said on 8/31/11 - 03:21AM  

8-30/31-2011: Fished the aquarium dock from midnight to 2:00 this evening. No squid. But, a couple of bottom fish - one was big enough to bend the hooks to get free when I was lifting it out of the water. Water was clear. Tide was at the end of the outgoing cycle. Saw a couple of salmon swim by too. But, no squid. Maybe I'll bring pink jigs next time and go for the pinks.  

25.  Flipsyde said on 9/5/11 - 09:43AM  

My son and I went to Pier 86 last night (9/4) from 8 - midnight. We caught about 25 between us. There were about 8 squidders but my son and I were top rods. Green jig seemed to be the color.  

26.  wraithen said on 9/9/11 - 08:55PM  

Saw a guy last weekend trying to squid at Clyde Davidson pier. He only brought his tackle though no extra lighting. He left after his first good snag which took all of 15 minutes. Anyone hear of the squid coming in this far south yet?  

27.  wraithen said on 9/11/11 - 04:10PM  

Went out to clyde davidson last night (9/11) Turns out my light likes to overheat and shut off sporadically. Caught one lonely squid after 6 hours. Too early I guess.  

28.  wraithen said on 9/19/11 - 01:46AM  

Went to Clyde Davidson again tonight (9-19) Caught 20 between 10 and midnight. They couldn't resist the pink squid candy I had on the bottom. Only had 2 go for the little green and white one on top. Great night!  

29.  jigger said on 9/25/11 - 02:31PM  

been using your new "fat boy" jig so far so good 50 squid and couning at les davis pier the other night.  

30.  squidcandy said on 9/25/11 - 02:41PM  

wraithen thanks for the reports and you might need a larger power inverter if your light is overheating the one you have . I would go to home depot their outdoor flourescent 100 watt light (about $60) works great on a 450 watt inverter and will last all night on a good deep cell marine battery and gives you just the right amount of light.  

31.  wraithen said on 9/25/11 - 03:13PM  

No problem with the reports. I know theres a lot of people down here that are looking for a closer spot to squid. I think the light was just being finnicky. Its a 500w halogen hooked up to a 800w generator. Haven't had problems running it lately. Been really slow at davidson lately. 1-3 squid each time I've gone out  

32.  Mekim said on 10/2/11 - 11:52PM  

Fished the aquarium pier last night/early this morning. Started at 1:00AM and started hooking squid a half hour later. Caught around 35. The squid hung around till around 4:15AM. Something in the water was causing all the bait fish around the pier to jump all over the place. So, I'm thinking it scared the squid away too.  

33.  Mekim said on 10/5/11 - 06:36PM  

Is there any regulation against chumming for squid?  

34.  squidcandy said on 10/6/11 - 07:22AM  

I dont know of a regulation but call the dept to make sure. I have heard of people trying it but to no effect except to attract starfish and other things that cause you to loose your jig. I saw a guy put shrimp oil on his jig all he caught was starfish and crabs,he told me he finally threw the jig away because of this.Thanks for all your squid posts,it was prob a seal or otter or salmon chasing the baitfish around.....Cheers  

35.  squid candy said on 10/6/11 - 07:31AM  

Just wanted you all to know we have a new jig which is really bringing in the squid. Its number 007 and 008 green and pink models.Right now they can be found at Narrows marina and the Point Defiance Marina call first as they have been selling fast.....Neil  

36.  squidcandy said on 10/11/11 - 11:00AM  

The fat boy jig will be avail at auburn sports and marine on friday. This is a killer jig try one you will see what i mean.  

37.  Mekim said on 10/15/11 - 02:34PM  

Fished the aquarium pier on the evening of the 12th from 1:00AM to 4:30AM. Caught only 10. Just when things started to pick up, wouldn't you know a seal or sea lion showed up. Caught glimpses of him swimming around. The squid split pretty quickly and so did I.  

38.  squidcandy said on 10/16/11 - 03:52PM  

Yep it is great to see the wildlife except when you are squidfishing! Thanks for the report.  

39.  jigger said on 10/16/11 - 03:53PM  

Was a great bite lastnight at les davis Late.....  

40.  Mekim said on 10/18/11 - 03:27AM  

Love your jigs, squidcandy. Hit the aquarium pier again tonight. Did good. Pink and green squidcandy jigs did the trick for me.  

41.  squidcandy said on 10/18/11 - 10:42AM  

thanks mekim for the report .....how do you eat your squid?  

42.  Mekim said on 10/18/11 - 05:56PM  

A couple of ways: Quickly sauted with a little S&P and olive oil finished off with a squeeze of lemon and maybe cilantro. also... Braised in a light tomato sauce with some stewed vegetables.  

43.  Mekim said on 10/21/11 - 02:13PM  

Hit the aquarium pier around 11:45PM, again. Lots of company this time. But there was plenty of room. Didn't start hitting the squid till about 12:30AM. Did OK with about a pound and a half by 4:00AM. Other guys did much better.  

44.  rokba said on 10/26/11 - 05:40PM  

hi all just wondering if pier 86 doing good.and wat month is the best time when the squids come in full run?thank you and keep the jigs glowing!!!!  

45.  squidcandy said on 11/7/11 - 11:23AM  

Port orchard is producing well 3 hours 10 lbs ye ha...seattle has been doing well toooo.  

46.  Rhea said on 11/8/11 - 02:34PM  

Hello, I have never squid fished before, but have always wanted to. Just wanted to see if I could get some pointers, and some good places to go. I live in Everett so wherever is kinda close to that.  

47.  squidcandy said on 11/8/11 - 02:51PM  

Read over the site and let us know if you have any questions.....  

48.  jc said on 11/11/11 - 03:27PM  

any luck off west seattle/alki pier?  

49.  fisherman sam's said on 11/16/11 - 06:19PM  

anymore luck at port orchard squidding anyone or bremerton?  

50.  jigger said on 11/16/11 - 07:30PM  

its been steady.....  

51.  fisherman sam's said on 11/17/11 - 08:34PM  


52.  fisherman sam's said on 11/17/11 - 08:48PM  


53.  fisherman sam's said on 11/18/11 - 10:01PM  

plan to go squidding this weekend at bremerton.  

54.  jc said on 11/19/11 - 09:04PM  

Where in Bremerton? Went today by ferries... Nothing :(  

55.  fisherman sam's said on 11/20/11 - 03:36PM  

gravity in the water is at the lowest 1 not good for fishing, just have to wait till 4-10 average range maybe next weekend will be good.  

56.  fisherman sam's said on 12/10/11 - 08:08PM  

anyone gone squidding lately?  

57.  Mekim said on 12/13/11 - 10:46PM  

Hit the aquarium pier this evening. Slow. Real slow.  

58.  squidcandy said on 12/14/11 - 08:19PM  

Any questions comments not related to our squid blog please e mail me at squidcandy.com@gmail.com thanks mekim!  

59.  jigger said on 12/17/11 - 07:30PM  

Just wanted you to know your jigs still rock!I have got them all and catch more squid i could sell a jig everythime i am at a dock cause folks ade taking note and want mine (sometimes i do) ,,,,thanks ...Roger  

60.  squidcandy said on 12/17/11 - 07:37PM  

Your welcome Roger...model "squidcandy" which has been gone for awile will be back in stores soon with a few changes...a better weight, and shape and bi colored 4 different patterns...check them out.If you dont see them ask for them.  

61.  jenga said on 12/24/11 - 08:58AM  

your jigs sold out at auburn sports when will they have more?  

62.  squidcandy said on 12/24/11 - 09:00AM  

I have spoke to them a new order will be there on wed/thur. Thanks for the info....Neil  

63.  BJ said on 12/31/11 - 05:26PM  

Fished the 9pm incoming high at DeMoines last night, left around midnight. Saw one squid caught. Wind was vicious most of the time. Never did see a shoal come through. Old timer said he got half a bucket quick the night before, after 10. Thinkin' about bringing in the New Year down there. Bundle up...  

64.  scott said on 1/1/12 - 09:28PM  

went by les davies pier on the way to a new years party.and from what i could understand most people were there a couple hours and had about 20 each on ave.all squid no herring.  

65.  Squidcandy said on 1/1/12 - 09:43PM  

Thanks for the report Scott happy new year all.  

66.  Just a guy said on 1/16/12 - 08:52PM  

Where is 2012 reports. I just found you web through WDFW  

67.  squidcandy said on 1/17/12 - 11:21AM  

2012 blog is up and running good luck all