1. Jigger said on 8/11/10 - 08:55PM 

Sweet welcome back Neil hope to see ya soon and i will help out this year again...... 

2. TinyTech said on 11/14/10 - 02:00AM 

10/13 Went to Kingston and caught the tail end of the bite. Pulled 2 good sized squid in on the first cast, then a small 3rd about half an hour later. There is at least one seal taking up residence around the port and things died right after he came along. I started out somewhere around 2030hrs and 2100. Gave up at 0030. Also noticed some of the lights were off out be the passenger ferries. Kingston has been largely unproductive over the last month and I wonder if the extra lights out brought them in closer to the fishing dock. 

3. Neil said on 11/14/10 - 10:18AM 

hey thanks tinytec for the report,i have been ill so havent been out, send us your e mail info got something for ya. 

4. TinyTech said on 11/15/10 - 01:16AM 

Ok the last post was supposed to be 11/13. 11/14 Went to Kingston dock again. Line in the water at about 2030hrs. I was pulling them up pretty consistently until about 2200. Brought in 20 squid all but 3 were very nice size. Same rig as yesterday. Actually all the conditions were the same except the seal. The bite ended at almost exactly 1 1/2 before peak high tide. I noticed that the bait fish had moved on or got spread out.There was no heavy current or swell and the water was clear. 

5. sir squid said on 11/16/10 - 06:17PM 

Are there any squid in tacoma yet? 

6. jigger said on 11/16/10 - 06:39PM 

Caught 15 out at les davis lastnight.Things seem to picking up,out here! Welcome Sir Squid. 

7. jigger said on 11/16/10 - 08:41PM 

Was at redondo saw only a few but heard some big ones were cought last night from a good source...Keep your line tight! 

8. sir squid said on 11/17/10 - 02:41PM 

Thanks for the info i will have to give it a try. What color jig were you using? 

9. jigger said on 11/17/10 - 03:05PM 

out here redondo green with white bottom or green small green or pink fire fly squid candy jig..Les davis pink small or med squid candy fire fly jig. 

10. sir squid said on 11/17/10 - 03:19PM 

Are there any stores in Tacoma that sell squid candy jigs 

11. squidman said on 11/17/10 - 08:32PM 

point defiance boat house store and narrows marina....... 

12. sir squid said on 11/17/10 - 08:40PM 

Thanks I will get some tomarrow.(so I can catch some squid) 

13. antheny15 said on 11/18/10 - 02:50PM 

3 people fishing Redondo last. They said it was slow. They had 6 or so small ones. Does anyone fish Steilacoom ferry dock or in the Olympia are. 

14. TinyTech said on 11/19/10 - 02:01PM 

Neil, I received a package from you today. Wow. Thank you. I won't be going out again until Monday and I look forward to telling you how productive your jigs are. 

15. TinyTech said on 11/26/10 - 08:25PM 

11/26 Went to Kingston tonight. I was there about 1630 and the wife and neighbor girls came out around 1800. The wife pulled in one good sized squid after 5 minutes and that was it for the night. The wind was really blowing and I'm starting to think Kingston is only good when it is relatively calm as it is sort of shallow. 

16. jigger said on 11/27/10 - 10:01AM 

I have never done well in the wind or full moon ever.Tides,rain,cold u never know when the squid will come but usually high tide low tide or a hour on each side is a good bet.Better luck 

17. fishinfool said on 11/27/10 - 11:57AM 

11/26/2010 - Les Davis Pier, Pierce County, WA squid fishing is on... bring your generator...caught 4 dozen in about 2 hrs some nice ones good size... pink and white jigs seem to work good for me, dress warm and bring a heater if you have one, it sure is nice,they have two outlets only one works and they come on at 8pm there on a timer 

18. jigger said on 11/28/10 - 04:35PM 

Redondo or les davis have been picking up pier 86 up by you is also a good choice. 

19. sir squid said on 11/29/10 - 08:39PM 

Went to Les Davis Pier tonight it was slow but ended up with 9.(I was using the pink fire fly squid candy squid jig) 

20. squidman said on 11/29/10 - 09:30PM 

Nice to hear from you sir squid have seen your name around welcome.Thanks for the input on the jig.Redondo produced 10 med and 5 large for me...Picking up! 

21. TinyTech said on 11/30/10 - 03:02PM 

Went out to Kingston 11/28. The night would have been a total bust however a couple I had spoken with before were down at the dark end of the dock and pulling squid in. They invited me down and I saw why. The end of the dock is deeper than the lighted areas. This was resolved with a floating pool light. They each caught a limit of squid within an hour and a half. In the 20 mins I was there I pulled in 20 or so and a few more after they left ending the night with 31. My catch averaged about 8" in length with about five of those 10" or more. The squid were not choosy about jig colour, size or depth that night. 

22. jigger said on 11/30/10 - 04:24PM 

What a great idea using a floating pool light. 

23. tfish said on 12/7/10 - 09:34AM 

pulled up a limit in about an hour and a half from Kingston last night - 6:30-8. many of good size, 8 inches or more. 

24. tfish said on 12/8/10 - 03:41PM 

Kingston definitely is more productive when the weather is calmer. i went back there last night and could only bear to spend a half hour in the stormy conditions. I had a good tide on my side but the squid just didn't show up. 

25. tfish said on 12/9/10 - 09:01PM 

Kingston was a bust tonight. with high winds, heavy rain, dirty water, and the resident seal pup out at play the deck was far from stacked in my favor. i need to find a spot that doesn't get so muddy after a heavy rain, seems to make the squid scarce. 

26. squidman said on 12/10/10 - 03:00PM 

Hey thanks for the squid reports! 

27. Sir Squid said on 12/10/10 - 09:17PM 

Whent to Las Davies tonight ended up with 15. 

28. TinyTech said on 12/12/10 - 04:55AM 

12/11 Went to Kingston with the neighbor. Tragically slow start in this monsoon. Just as we were getting ready to leave things switched on. Both of us limited in an hour and a half.(2300-0030) It is now 0450 on the 12th after cleaning our catches...time to go to bed. 

29. TinyTech said on 12/12/10 - 01:20PM 

now that I'm more awake, I thought I should add something. When things were slow at the beginning i was the only person of 4 to pull any squid. I was using the Squid candy 001 and then 002. both with pink bodies. When they turned on and got hungry they weren't choosy, they were so aggressive some were getting actually tangled in the jigs and we caught several two at a time one the same jig. 

30. Tiny Tech's Neighbor said on 12/12/10 - 02:32PM 

Got to add onto what TT mentioned, the conditions were flat miserable, when we arrived, at high tide, around 8:30 to 9:00 – wind 15 to 20, raining sideways, 2 foot chop – when TT got 6 we thought that was it for the night. Then at about 11:00 when the receding tide had dropped about 4-5 feet it was a squid flash mob in one 15 square yard spot. Big to medium size squid on the jigs every 5 to 15 seconds, we were even getting “twofers” – two squid on one jig. It stayed that way for quite a while we then decided it was time to roll up because we had a whole LOT of squid to clean and bag. 

31. tfish said on 12/13/10 - 09:22PM 

Hit Kingston tonight for about an hour. 6-7pm. It was choppy and raining when i first arrived and calmed down a little over the hour. the squid hit consistently all hour on anything i could throw at them. i managed about three dozen. All in all, a pretty good night. It was the first night that i was able to catch a decent amount of squid in poor weather, which in my mind suggests a turn for the better in an already good season. 

32. sir squid said on 12/13/10 - 09:24PM 

only 7 at las davies tonight but the water was murky. 

33. tfish said on 12/16/10 - 02:17PM 

hit Kingston last night, i only got 5 in an hour and i got all of those in 10 minutes. i got there around 8pm. two guys that were there before me had a bucket full but didn't get any while i was there. so the squid were around, just not when i was. 

34. tfish said on 12/17/10 - 10:48AM 

Not a single squid from Kingston last night. i don't really know what to make of it. seems the last few nights the squid have been coming out early and as soon as low tide slack hits the squid disappear (last few nights around 7-8pm). i fished from 8-10 because i could make it earlier and came up empty handed. so i went home and got some hot tea and food. i figured they would come back later on once the tide raised so i fished from 11pm-1am on an incoming tide and didn't get so much as a bump. i couldn't have asked for better conditions weather wise. it was overcast so super dark, very little if any wind, and the water clarity was already starting to improve since last weeks rains. 

35. Squid man said on 12/17/10 - 10:37PM 

That's the funny thing about squid you never know when they're going to be there. It can be a beautiful night everything seems perfect not one squid. Then on another night it's freezing windy and there squid everywhere I guess that's what makes it fun. Thanks again for your reports keep your lines tight. 

36. squidman said on 12/18/10 - 06:24PM 

As to your question about lighting absolutely having a bright light helps. Whether you lower lantern down just above the water or you have a system like I've put together you will definitely get more squid in my opinion. Sometime this week I will take a picture of my lighting system it includes a Marine battery and inverter and a Home Depot florescent light. I personally never go squid fishing without it. 

37. TinyTech said on 12/21/10 - 12:02PM 

Went out to Kingston this morning to try an early morning bite. I dropped line a little after 0500. Stayed until 0730. Brought home an even dozen, all varying in size. while not a quick and furious catch it was enough to keep my interest while i was there. I'm thinking I'll try tomorrow at 0400. Kind of neat to be cleaning squid in the daylight. As an aside, If we could all remember to take our trash with us. I've noticed a lot of trash laying on the dock since word got out/fishing got better. I'm as guilty as anyone for dropping stuff or losing a wrapper from my pocket, but I've been carrying a lot of trash away that wasn't mine. Public areas only stay public as long as we all do our part....especially when the gubment is short on funds. 

38. tfish said on 12/23/10 - 01:31AM 

hit Kingston this morning 12/22 4am-7ish. took home only two squid. less than what i expected for sure. not sure if i caught the tail end of a bite when i first arrived or if i just got luck with those two. Seems ive been missing the squid lately at kingston making my trips out a little lack luster in comparison to the easy limits of a few weeks ago. at least i am still pulling squid out of the freezer from those trips when i want it. im thinking tomorrow night just after dark for my next attempt. this time frame seems to be able to produce a consistent dozen or so for me so long as the tides are not extremely low. 

39. sir squid said on 12/23/10 - 09:48AM 

8 small ones at las davies last night. 

40. sir squid said on 12/24/10 - 05:53PM 

Wow did we catch squid at redondo last night. So we decided to take the nephews squid fishing last night. We got the dock everybody was there and most had at least a pounds of squid. That was around seven o'clock things were quieting down so some of the people were leaving. So we threw in our squid candy squid jigs and the squid came on one after another. We stayed for about an hour and a half and left with about 50 squid. The boys had forgotten to wear their warm jackets and got cold. It was a fun night for all. 

41. Squid man said on 12/24/10 - 05:56PM 

I just wanted to thank everyone that has contributed to this year's squid reports. It has been my privilege to meet a few of you and I hope someday to meet all of you. Hopefully our site will continue to grow and we can get more youngsters to the docs to enjoy this hobby with their moms dads uncle's etc. Merry Christmas 

42. Sir squid said on 12/24/10 - 05:58PM 

That was 5 pounds of squid. 

43. Sir squid said on 12/27/10 - 02:19PM 

How has the tacoma squid fishing been? 

44. sir squid said on 12/27/10 - 07:11PM 

redondo has been hot 

45. Sir Squid said on 12/29/10 - 10:44PM 

26 squid at Las Davies tonight in 45 minutes. 

46. squid king said on 1/5/11 - 09:40PM 

went to les davis peer and cought about 25 in an hour, .... we were the only ones there so it was kinda nice.... 

47. squid man said on 1/9/11 - 09:05AM 

hey squid king and sir squid and tfish.. e mail us we have a gift for you 

48. sir squid said on 1/9/11 - 09:50AM 

what is your e-mail address? 

49. Plipsyde said on 1/27/11 - 10:52AM 

Went out to Des Moines Pier after buying my Parking Pass last night. Started 7pm through 9pm for incoming tide. There were about 10 squid fishermen there when I got there. Slow bite. I was the last one to leave. Only got 2 medium sized squid. I guess it's the end of the season. Nice conditions though.