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Forum/Catch reports 2015

Squid Reports forum 2015

2016 Catch reports!

by Neil Bennett on 05/10/16

Welcome to the 2016 puget sound squidding catch reports. Post your catch reports and help new squidders learn how to squid with your advice. The most helpful squidders will be entered for a drawing to win a full set of SquidCandy squid jigs January 15,2017..... Happy squidding!!

We are building a Tiny Home and want to promote our new website, see the process as we plan and build.

Process for contest entry:

#1 Sign up for our news letter at

#2 email us at tinyhouseontheroad@gmail.com and let us know you want to be entered into the contest.

One entry per person share with your friends!
Will ship to the jigs to the continental US only

The winner will be announced Jan 1 2017 on the squid forum.

Your e mail address will not be used for anything but the Tiny House news letter when we write a new post.

Good luck!!            
Win a complete SquidCandy Squid Jig set.
Thats 11 jigs over $55 in Value